Preschool Teacher Seeking Classroom Name Ideas


Earning My Ears
Jul 31, 2019
Hello! I am reaching out to the vast world of fellow Disney lovers for some help with my classroom. I have decided to do a Disney theme this year which I am SO excited about - I have found so many great ideas thanks to Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers. I am stuck on one thing though - class names! At my preschool, we have multiple programs and classes for each teacher so we name each class to help parents know which social media posts, posted newsletters/calendars, etc are theirs. For example, one year was a forest creature theme so we had Ms. T's Happy Campers, for a space theme it was Ms. T's Shooting Stars. I am STRUGGLING to come up with even one Disney-related class name, let alone two, that aren't dumb. So I am hoping y'all can play off one another and help a teacher out!

Ms. T's ...... (blank) ......