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    Feb 18, 2001
    My husband and I have a trip planned the end of April, cooinciding with a business trip he must attend. We have had a surprise :) pregnancy and I will be about 17 weeks pregnant at the time of our trip. My doctor is not particularly worried, but I would like to participate in every activity I can, including rides (I have never been to WDW before). Can someone give me any tips about rides that are really okay, or rides that would be prudent to avoid altogether? Hopefully my size will not be an issue in fitting in the rides...I've lost 6 pounds just the first 10 weeks from morning sickness!
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    Dec 29, 2000
    I went when I was pregnant. Drink lots of water. Rest when necessary. Don't go on roller coaster rides, TOT, body wars, star tours, splash mountain. If I'm leaving anything out, there are usually signs warning you to not ride. Have fun and buy something for the baby.
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    Welcome. I know there have been questions about this on the Family Board in the past, so you may want to check there. you will find postings from people who say they went on Space Mountain and other roller coasters without trouble. Personally, I would not feel comfortable doing it while pregnant. The rides will still be there after the baby is delivered.
    Like saymama posted, most of the rides that are turbulent are well marked. You will pass several signs that warn you not to ride them if you have back or neck problems, high blood pressure or are pregnant. Those rides are also coded on the park maps with a little red triangle. You will find there are plenty of things to do even without going on those. By 17 weeks, you should not be so tired and the nausea should be better (mine wasn't, but it was somewhat better).
    Take it easy, rest and put your feet up and drink enough fluid (especially if it's hot).

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