Pre-Trip Report(18) - Celebrate Freedom

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    Dec 29, 2010
    Pre-Trip Report - 18 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

    Happy Memorial Day !!!

    Today is a day we remember those who died serving our country.

    Patriotism and freedom is not lost on me when I visit WDW. I feel a great sense of gratitude that a place like WDW exists. Creativity and freedom of expression only exist here because it's been paid for by sacrifices of men and women who served our military.

    I found this article at I know Walt and Roy Disney loved their country. The article says.
    Walt was not a World War I veteran but it's cool that WDW still honors our military. It's awesome that WDW has Shades Of Green. A recreation center started by U.S. soldiers on WDW property.

    Wikipedia states Walt's military record this way:
    Roy's record from Wikipedia:
    I enjoy all that is uniquely American at Walt Disney World. It's a celebration of our success and freedom. I hope you remember today and enjoy your next trip.

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