Pre-Trip Report(11) - Thrill Ride Progression


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Dec 29, 2010
Pre-Trip Report - 11 days to go before our split stay at BLT and BWV in a two bedroom suite.

Why is the fear of plunging to my death so exhilarating?

From the archives, I bring to you our families first trip in TOT and Splash. DW and I are not thrill ride seekers. I believe the motivation to ride them the first time was, "I've paid all this money so I'm going to experience everything."

On our first trip to WDW, we experienced a phenomenon affectionately known as "The Clamp". DW is demonstrating "The Clamp" in the following two pieces of evidence.

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-03

This image clearly shows the difference between newbies. The fine guests in the front of our log are enjoying themselves immensely and demonstrating the proper Splash Mtn. ride stature.

On the other hand, the newbies occupying the balance of the log are terrified and hanging on for dear life. Not a proud moment. I've lost my breath and DD has hid her head. DW has the forementioned "Clamp" and young 6 yr old DS is in sheer horror. DS, 10 year old, shows the most dignity but still a bit horrified.

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-03

TOT first ride from 2001 is a bit better but still horror is the theme. (see bottom right) I'll never forget DW's face after we landed still alive. She looked like she saw a ghost and we've been laughing about it ever since.

By dvc_dreamer at 2012-06-03

Oh how brave we are seven years later. At least DD can now show her face. DW and DS have learned the proper hand placement yet I still hold on for dear life. We learned to scream properly at the proper moment of descent. The scream or "battle cry" helps to release the nervousness and avoid "The Clamp".

We don't capture the "evidence" as often as in the old days but we now are veteran thrill seekers willing to meet the challenge with bravery. Very proud of 6 year old DS that first trip as he was brave enough to go on all the rides. This trip we're building up his friends courage and pleading with her to ride them all.

Let's get ready to ride !!! :yay:

P.S. I think I'll skip Mission Space... :upsidedow


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