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  1. Billpowerrock

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    Mar 23, 2002
    yes it may sound nuts and what not, but i am going to pre-propose to my girlfriend when we go to disney in jan, she knows i will, its just a thing we decided on that would be fun, so this trip would be a college grad trip for myself and a pre-enagement, yeah it sounds weird right? should be a pretty fun thing, she knows i am going to do it, but doens know where, i got a few months to think about it, alright, i just wanted to tell you what my plans were

  2. Mosttrue

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    May 1, 2002
    HEY!! I understand! My guy(now my husband) did the promise ring thing..

    It was very neat.. He had my parents and his parent come over and we all had dinner..
    After dinner he told them of our desires to get married but that we knew we were to young and not ready for that ( we were 19/20) but that he wanted to give me and my Dad a ring. My ring was to the the promise that we would work toward getting closer as a couple toward getting married.. And the ring for my Father to wear was a promise that we would not have sex till we got married. And then on our wedding day that ring became my husband's wedding band.
    That was in June of 1999

    We got Married on September 29th 2001!!!

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  3. MineeBaby

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    Jun 15, 2002
    we did the same thing!!! I got a promise ring from my sweetie for Christmas...he put it in an eddie bauer coffee mug i wanted really bad...and we were engaged a year later, and are getting married next summer!! (ok, so he gave it to me almost 3 and a half years total before we get married..but i love it!)

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