Postcard southwest getaway scam


Earning My Ears
Oct 5, 2019
Be aware of this classic scam marketing ploy targeting Senior Citizens
This company has nothing to do with Southwest Airlines, they just use a similar name on the postcard to get your attention so you call in and attend a travel show.
Presentations are held in various hotels around the country for about a week at a time.
They are not selling a timeshare but it is a very similar hard sell.
My husband did the research before hand because the nice man on the phone mentioned Expedia, Travelocity and said they were a new internet travel company.
We found their prices were not at all a savings.
Don't think we will ever be able to use those 2 round trip airfare tickets because we kept getting hung up on this morning trying to contact the gifting department.
We felt sorry for the other old folks who fell for their emotional marketing ploy of leaving a legacy to their kids, grandchildren, extended family members.
We love to vacation and are financially able to travel about 6 months out of the year. Who doesn't love to save money? My husband almost laughed at the salesmans "closing" questions. He sold IBM back in the day when most people were polite and honest about the product they sold.
It's a scam if you buy into this company's vacation website... We still use a friend who is a real travel agent and find she is a better bargain hunter than either my husband or myself...the big company's like Disney pay her a commission.
Stay and watch TV for 2hrs or go to the travel presentation. I must admit we did enjoy the $200 dinner certificate and spending $50 visa gift card.