Portofino Experts give me a hand...


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Dec 11, 2000
Hey all you experts...

I am looking to get the lowest rate I possibly can for the Portofino. Being somewhat local date is not an issue. I am a Annual Passholder, and Lowes First Member. Not an Entertainment Holder, but would get the book if that was best.

Suggestions? What is the absolute lowest rate you have seen?


Does weekly attendance to a theme park constitute an addict?

If so, I am Doomed!

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Hi jonathansullivan,

Lowest rate I have seen posted here was for an AP rate. It was $159 one dollar diff from entertainment rate. If one isnt available shoot for the other! Think you may want to join us in March?

Returning this weekend for the third time. On all three occasions, the AP rate was the lowest I was able to get. I have a DPV booked for $232 with the Ent. rate for this trip, Ap rates weren't out when I booked. However, I called back a few months later and the AP rate was $10 lower, I didn't bother to change, wasn't worth the hassle to me.

$167 11/99 Deluxe Pool View Ap rate
$229 6/00 Deluxe Pool View AP rate
$232 1/01 Deluxe Pool View Ent rate

Hope this helps

When I made my reservations for July 2 - 4 I called up the reservation line and they quoted me some rate or other ($180 or so I think). Then I asked him to put my Loews First number in the reservation and the reservation agent was confused ... he mentioned something about being a Loews employee, and I said no, Loews First ...

He then told me that as a Loews First member I get a discounted rate ... $118.00/night. That's what I paid and they never asked for any ID or membership card or anything ...

That's the cheapest rate I've seen ... I still don't know where he pulled that rate from ... I'm pretty sure it's not really a Loews First rate, but I just kept my mouth shut and went along with it.

He never did put my Loews First number in, but like I said once he quoted me that rate, I just shut up and took it ..
Sounds like they gave you an employee or travel agents rate! Lucky you :D

Great Deal!
Was this at HRH or PBH?
Just be prepared if they misquoted you an employee rate. We have stayed at a Marriot with a great price due to the fact a family member works for the Marriot Corp.
Boy! At check-in we practicaly had to give blood to get the rate. We even had employee vouchers and it was still rough.
I hope you just got a great rate! Probably is a good discounted rate if you are talking about HRH.

Good Job!

There is also the "Universal Fan Club rate. We were originally going to be staying there during the beginning of Jan and I was quoted a rate of $169 a night + tax (down from the original $200+ originally quoted) for a deluxe garder view room.

FYI: I received the Universal Fan Club free through my employer. I'm not sure how to go about getting one otherwise. Do you Barry?
You can also get the Universal fan club card from unions and credit unions. :)
That was for the PBH, that was July 2 - 4, 2000. That rate at the HRH isn't such a big deal it seems, that's about what the Entertainment rate is at the HRH.

I didn't try and ask for an upgrade or anything (as you should get with Loews First) when I checked in, because like I said, I didn't want anyone looking at my rate too closely <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
I am sorry, I misread your earlier post in this thread. I thought your great ressies were for this upcoming summer! I didn't realize you had already enjoyed your great rate at PBH. I was just worried they would "humm.. looks like we have a problem" you!!!

Can you book my upcoming fall trip for me? giggle




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