Portofino Bay room sizes


Earning My Ears
Jan 22, 2001
Is there that big of a difference between a standard room and an "oversized deluxe pool view"?

I have an "oversized deluxe pool view" room booked for Feb. After reading all the posts regarding Portofino Bay, it seems I am the only moron paying $339 a night. I am going with my DH and three DD's (5, 2, 2), so I thought I needed a larger room. If there is not that big of a difference I'll change. Leaving in 3 weeks! Thanks for any info!

Poly - Feb '99
Y&BC - Feb '01
CONT - Feb '01
We were in a Bay view room, NOT a deluxe room, & it was quite large~in fact, I just spoke to Loews lastnight & she said the standard room is (around, I'm not quoting here) 425 sq feet.
Not to shabby !
Call Loews & they will tell you, they are super nice to talk to
I just love the Deluxe Pool view room. I notice the added space and the added amenities including a separate shower from tub (I hate tubs) and the Mini shelf stereo were nice touches. The bay room seemed just standard to me.


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