Port Orleans - alligator bayou closer to bus/food/pool

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by newholidayx2, May 7, 2007.

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    Nov 28, 2004
    Is AB closer than the mansions to the food court, buses, pool etc?
    I originally requested the mansions but now Im not sure - thinking Alligator Bayou may be closer to the main areas? Are there areas of AB that are further than the mansions? areas to try not to get?
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    Aug 17, 2005
    I've never stayed there (July next year will be 1st), but it's pretty clear from looking at a map, it depends on what building number you're in. For example, if you're in building 14 of AB, you're probably closer than most mansion areas.
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    When you say 'pool' I'm assuming you mean the main pool on 'Ole Man Island. In this case, there really aren't bldgs/rooms that are closer per se. It truly is on an island. Bldg 85, Magnolia Terrace is pretty close since you have to cut over the island to get to the bldg, but I'm sure the rooms on the backside of the bldg are a hike to the main pool. But, there are 'quiet' pools close to just about all the bldgs. I think there is a total of 6 quiet pools at POR.
    For bus stops, there are four of them...spread out around the perimeter of the resort.
    The food court? Bldg 14 in AB is without a doubt the closest bldg. I had that bldg, ground floor, corner room, facing the back of the food court. The CM that gave me that room told me I would be employed by Disney if I were any closer to the food court! And the main bus stop (Mason-Dixon platforms) is about a 1 min walk from bldg 14. But, the quiet pool is further away. It's all about trade-offs.

    My first stay at POR (then DxL) I was in bldg 35...talk about way out there!!! But, there was a bus stop about a three minute walk, if that. And the quiet pool was right in front of our room. But...the food court and Ole Man Island were about 7 mins away!!! But it sure was quiet out there!!!

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