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    I know there were many questions on this and since I just got back I thought I'd throw in some better details.

    We used the Port of Miami Cruise parking on 7th street for our 5 night cruise. The total was $22.50 for the entire stay (CHEAP!!). You reserve online and pre-pay, then put the printed email confirmation in your window while you are gone.

    The lot is about 2 or 3 blocks from the AA arena, and they charge folks to park there for games and events at night much more than cruisers. It is also located directly under the Freedom Tower Metromover station (a free monorail) which was a nice plus. We stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay so I was able to dump the car off in the AM and then hop the monorail back to the hotel. We took a shuttle arranged by the hotel for $6/pp directly to the port to make it easier.

    The lot is somewhat secure and seems to be attended most of the time. When I parked nobody was there to check in with but as I left a guy ran up to make sure I had the confirmation in my window. When I returned there was an attendant sleeping in a car, but another person arrived as we were leaving and didn't ask any questions. So, the lot is attended some of the time and I didn't worry about leaving my car there. It was an awesome deal!

    While it is claimed to be in "walking distance" I would disagree (and I ran 4 miles that same morning out the Venetian Causeway). It is a high traffic, long walk to Terminal "F" where Disney boards. The cab fare back was about $15 though my driver complained when I couldn't navigate perfectly from the backseat to the lot (hey dude, I don't live here..). After a couple of minutes I got him there regardless.

    My only other complaint would relate to some sick birds in the area that pounded my car. I may have been under a power line or something. Look up if you're along the back fence.

    Overall...worth every penny!
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    Anyone else used this lot?

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