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    I am will be staying at POR over Easter this spring for the first time. Usually we stay at ASMO, AKL, or WL. It will be our first time at a moderate resort. I keep reading about POR having multiple bus stops and sharing busses with POFQ. I am ok with sharing a bus with other resorts having stayed at ASMO multiple times. I am just wondering if you seem to have to wait longer at POR since it not only shares busses with another resort, but also these resorts seem to have multiple bus stops. Any help is appreciated! :)
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    We have stayed at POFQ 3 years in a row now and yes, there are some buses you do share with that resort. Which services and how often/time of day really depends on when you go and what the crowd levels are. You share less often the busier it is.

    We found that each resort always had its own bus to MK and Epcot, often shared for AK and DHS except at peak times and we when we were there in September we DID share with POR a few times when we used the buses during the middle of the day with MK.

    We ALWAYS shared buses for water parks and for DTD, although DTD does offer the boat service which we found to be quicker than the bus, purely based on frequency and not having multiple stops

    The sheer size of POR, which is quite spread out (much more so than the All Stars) makes in necessary to have the multiple stops otherwise if your room was furthest from the main stop you would waste SO much time getting to and from the buses.

    We have stayed at ASMu so to give a comparison, I don't think you are going to find you wait any longer. On the plus side, the bus stops at the parks for the moderate resorts are usually closer than the ones for the values so you will save some time there too. You are also closer to all the parks and DTD than you are at All Starts and AKL (with the exception of AK) so you will save traveling time too
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    During our August stay a couple years ago, there were 5 stops. 4 at POR and 1 at FQ. We'd averaged a good 20 minutes in the bus before we even left the resorts. (I timed it.) It may have changed since, but this was our experience. On the flip side, our room was in the back of the mansions and like a 2 minute walk to the bus stop.

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