Pop Up Laundry Hamper for Travel


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Sep 4, 1999
In a recent Paragon catalog, I found a laundry hamper that actually folds up into itself to about the size of a frisbee for storage. The price was $11.50 for one. I had heard about such a thing on these boards before and had been looking for one ever since.

I was getting ready to order one this week as I thought it perfect to use on trips to WDW as I cannot stand to put dirty clothes in my suitcase.

While making a stop at BJ's to have pictures developed from our trip last week, I found a set of two of the very same hamper for $9.99. Needless to say, I scarfed them up. If you are interested in seeing what they look like, here is a link to the paragon site:


The small disc to the left of this hamper is the size that it folds back down to. Just make sure that you pay very carefuly attention to how you unfold this thing when you open it, or you may never get it back together. I had to enlist the help of my 18 year-old. :)



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Jan 10, 2000
Just wanted to say that these hampers are awesome! We pack them in our travel trailer for camping. I forgot them when we went to WDW last Sept, and really missed having them!! They fold up really compact and hold approx. 2 loads of laundry.

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Feb 29, 2000
I was able to get the same pop-up laundry basket at Wal Mart last fall. I only paid about $6 for them. If you are close to a Wal Mart check there too!


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Jul 3, 2000
I picked up 2 for 9.99 at BJ's also. I love them. We used them in March at wdw and they worked great

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Aug 19, 1999
I bought one of these a while back at Walmart to take on our trip. However it is always full of dirty laundry and we didn't take it last trip. ;) I love it and hopefully I will remember it on the next trip.

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Aug 19, 1999
I just take pillow cases along. This way you don't have to buy anything . We put our clean things from our suitcases in the drawers,and then open the top of our suitcase put the pillow case in the bottom. And start filling it ,you close the top when you leave the room this why your room stays clean and neat.And we have never lost any socks or clothes!

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Aug 25, 1999
I can attest to those pop ups being great for trips! They pack flat, weigh next to nothing and hold ALOT of clothes! in fact, i even use them at home. You know, it's too much work for a teen to OPEN a hamper lid , so this works great! Great idea to post about it; i never even thought of that!

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Sep 4, 1999
I used to one better than that. I bought sleeping bag covers/protectors, they are like large pillow cases, but they have a drawstring and are much larger. They work very well, except if you wish to laundry while you are there, there was no handle and they were sometimes very awkward to carry. When I finally saw this one with the handles I knew it was a better solution for us, also a place to visibly see the laundry detergent, etc.

Since mentioning doing the laundry. I have used the new Tide and Wisk tablets that will be great for travel. I am finding that the Tide tablets dissolve faster (especially in cold water) than the Wisk tablets do. Sometimes when doing a wash in cold wter the Wisk tablets leave a little of the tablets undissolved in the machine. Anyone else notice this?



I was going to suggest WalMart also - that's where I got mine. They are great on trips - another use for them is as a toy box - keep all the kids toys together in one place in the room.

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