Pop Preferred room or POFQ ?

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  1. pooh2001

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    Feb 16, 2000
    POFQ standard room (we would ask for building #4) average $260
    POP preferred room average $160/night
    At Pop we would ask for an upper floor room.

    Worth the extra money ?
    $80 per night at 9 nights = $720 (the cost of our plane tickets)

    We are DH & DW in our 60's
    We would not use the pool (or rarely use it)

    We would have a 7 day park pass (no need to park hop) and 1 day free to do what we want :)

    We would go to WDW in early November 2020
    Prefect weather = high of 79 and low of 59, rainfall = 2.32" for the month
    No snow yet in the NE (or very little and no snow storms)

    Yes - I know all prices will rise as it gets closer to 2020 ;)
    also -> DH does not want to stay off site in Disney Springs, even thought the Holiday Inn has a balcony pool view for $174 / night
  2. samsteele

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    Feb 22, 2014
    If possible, I'd drop the preferred POP room & pay standard & request upper flr in the 60s or 70s bldgs. Also refurbished and not much more of a walk to the main bldg & bus. Often the preferred rooms can be louder at night because of their proximity to the pool and to foot traffic.

    Once you compare the standard POP room rate vs French Quarter, then may be easier to decide between the two. Whether FQ is worth the $ depends on how much time you will really spend enjoying the resort vs time in the parks and if you will use the perk of boat transport to Disney Springs many times during the course of your stay. No table service restaurant at FQ so cafeteria only. I'd go standard POP room unless I really wanted or needed to spend at least 2 full days at the FQ resort.
  3. minnie4ever

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    Oct 3, 2014
    Pop has it's own dedicated bus so if you leave in the middle of the day, you can get back to the hotel pretty fast. POFQ you would stop at every stop
    (there are 4 besides the POFQ) in the complex. POFQ has the boat to Disney Springs and beignets! OR you can split your stay as I did and get the best of both and Disney will move your luggage over.

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