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Feb 25, 2013
Hi All, looking to stay at Pop this summer and was curious if anyone had any pictures of what the new rooms look like? I heard they were under renovations, anyone have any pictures of the new rooms? thanks so much!


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Sep 6, 2003
** Current Status of Pop Renovations ** Updated 8/29/2018


From @scrappinginontario

We are here now and I can officially announce
that ALL Pop rooms are now refurbished
and open to guests!!!

Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80's and 90's sections) COMPLETE

Building 2 (50’s section) Some rooms reopened. STILL BEING RENOVATED


All room categories have some rooms renovated: Standard View Rooms, Standard Pool View Rooms, Preferred Rooms and Preferred Pool View Rooms have been renovated.

This post will be updated as further renovations are completed.

Any info you have to contribute to this post please tag @scrappinginontario or myself.

Historical Refurbishment Date as best we can determine:

Building 8, 90's, started renovation on March 6, 2017, opened on June 8, 2017 (~renovation time 94 days)

Building 9, 80's, started renovation early May 2017, opened approx. July 27, 2017 (~renovation time 80 days)

Building 7, 80's, started renovation early June, 2017, opened approx. Sept 20, 2017 (~renovation time 70 days)

Building 10, 70's, started renovation Aug 1 2017, opened on Oct 31, 2017 (~renovation time 92 days)

Building 6, 70's, started renovation Nov 1, 2017, some rooms opened on Dec 12, 2017 and remainder were opened approx. Jan 13, 2018 (~renovation time for first rooms 42 days with balance of rooms taking 74 days)

Building 5, 60's, started some renovations Dec 12, 2017. Remainder of rooms closed approx. Jan 13, 2018. First rooms were reopened February 20, 2018. Balance of rooms opened March 26, 2018. (~renovation time for first rooms 70 days with balance of rooms taking 72 days)

Building 4, 60's, started some renovations Jan 22, 2018. Remainder of rooms started renovations mid-February 2018. First rooms were reopened March 25, 2018. Balance of rooms opened April 19, 2018. (~renovation time for first rooms 62 days with balance of rooms taking approx. 64 days)

Building 3, 50’s, started some renovations March 3, 2018. Remainder of rooms started renovations April 19, 2018. First rooms were reopened May 15, 2018. Balance of rooms opened May 28, 2018. (~renovation time for first rooms 72 days with the balance of the rooms taking approx. 40 days)

Building 2, 50’s started some renovations May 28, 2018. Remainder of rooms started renovations Jun 16, 2018. (~renovation time for first rooms 77 days) STILL BEING RENOVATED

Building 1, 50’s, started some renovations Apr 28, 2018. Balance of rooms closed mid-May 2018. First rooms were reopened July 13, 2018. Balance of rooms opened May 26, 2018. (~renovation time for first rooms 76 days with the balance of the rooms taking approx. 72 days)


VIDEOS showing new room renovations:

LOTS of questions lately about space & measurements. They are in the thread but hard to find, so as we find them we will add here. Again the big question is will an air mattress fit and I think the consensus is only a child sized one, not a twin or bigger. IF you have used one or will be using one - please post photos.

Thanks to

Both beds are 80 by 60 inches. So definitely queens.

Space between bed and wall by bathroom is 17 inches. But with the bathroom/sink room door slid open, you lose some space so it's 14 inches.

Space between beds is 17.5 inches.

Space between Murphy and door frame is 28 inches at closest point. Door is on diagonal. Murphy bed to window wall is 60 inches.

From foot of bed to coffee maker cabinet is 22 inches.

I tried to measure to bed frames rather than mattresses since frames stick out a bit.

Can't take picture of Murphy right now- pleople napping on it!

No one asked but I wondered myself so- closet rod extension that telescopes out from side of closet is about 9 inches.

Also I do not have connecting room and there is good space between dresser and wall by bath, 50 inches. Luggage rack is there and there is room for another luggage rack as well.

The drawers are 4 inches deep, 13 inches front to back, and 30 1/2 inches side to side.
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  • scrappinginontario

    Nov 7, 2010
    What do you think the chances are of any finished rooms by the end of Feb?
    It could be possible if they start right on Feb 1st but I wouldn't hold my breath. It really will depend on how many rooms they do at the same time is my guess.

    When we were on the Wonder in 2015 they were refurbishing a block of rooms each cruise but at the same time it was not nearly as extensive a refurbishment as what they're going to be doing here.

    It will be exciting to find out when they start...and where they start! My big decision this September will be whether to request a refurbished room or keep with our preferred location if the rooms we like are not done yet. I'm guessing my choice would be for a refurbished room as there are just 2 in our family + thought of a coffee maker sways me that way! :)
  • portocall

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    Jul 22, 2008
    This is exciting. I am looking forward to seeing a finished refurbished room picture. I saw the mock up one and it looks really nice. Can't wait to stay at Pop.


    May 21, 2005
    If renovations start in February as expected, does anyone know from past renovations how long they usually take to complete? I really would like to stay there the end of July but double beds are too small.