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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by SusanSeng, Mar 2, 2001.

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    Jan 29, 2001
    We are heading to OKW in May with two other couples and leaving our kids at home. (we are not cruel, we took them to WDW in January!) We are looking for a relaxing vacation and probably are just going to sit by the pools the whole time we are there. We currently are debating about renting a car and were wondering how we would pool hop using Disney Transportation. Has anybody gotten around to other resorts using the buses. I am assuming you would have to go to Downtown Disney and catch another bus to the resort you wanted to go to. Has anyone tried this?
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    Aug 19, 1999
    I can't imagine being at OKW and planning on going anywhere except the main parks without a car. You will need to take two busses to get from OKW to ech resort in almost every case. There are a couple of instances where you could go to a park then backtrack to cetain resorts. This works best by going to MK then taking the boat to WL or the monorail to Contemporary or Poly. It works somewhat for BW/YC/BC but you must go through Epcot to get there or take the boat from MGM.

    If you plan on much traveling, do yourself a favor, rent a car.

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    Dean is right. The best way to waste a lot of time is to try to go from one resort to another. The bus schedule to and from DD is slow and the buses are often late there It is also deheartening to be on a bus that drives right past OKW on your way back, but doesn't stop, so you know you have to wait at least a half hour before you can take another bus back to OKW. We always drive when we are going to another resort for dinner etc. ;)

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  4. When I first joined DVC I used to rent a car all
    the time. We never used it much, though. Now that
    we go to other resorts more for dinner and such,
    we just take a cab. With the prices of rental cars
    having gone up so much, on a trip of 5-6 days, I
    find I spend the same amount on the cab without
    the hassle of pickup and driving and parking.
    We use Tiffany Town car to get back and forth to
    the airport. This year we spent $80 on Tiffany,
    and another 100 on cabs. The cheapest rental was
    179 without tax. Anita.
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    Aug 20, 1999
    We've used taxis and WDW transporation to go between resorts - even when we have a rental car. It all depends on the time of day and how much of a hurry we are in. Taking the WDW buses, we've found that it is quickest (but not necessarily FAST) to hop the first bus that comes along going to one of the major parks and transfering there to the second resort. AK probably wouldn't be the best choice of parks as it is the furthest away from the resorts (at least until AKL opens ;) ).

    Since we usually stay at BWV, if we are in a hurry (but don't want to taxi), we'll take a bus to any of the Epcot resorts and walk to BWV from there.

    I think about a year ago the taxi from the Poly to BWV was about $12 incl. tip.

    However since you will be at OKW, DD is handy for you. But we have found that the bus service to/from there isn't as frequent as to/from the parks.



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