Poohfanatic's Tiggerific trip to WDW 11/8 -11/13! Days 1-3

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    Aug 29, 2000
    Here is my report for days 1-3. I will post the rest when I'm finished. :) :

    Day 1 – Resort Hopping

    We got in around noon and once checked in at All Star Sports, we decided to go resort hopping. It was great. Here are my opinions on the resorts we saw:

    CSR – this was a beautiful resort with a great pool! I am now considering staying here for my next visit

    Poly – I like this resort in general. It has a great location etc. However one in my party found the Great Ceremonial House too dark for her liking.

    BWI and Y/B C – Both have a great location and awesome pools.

    GF – It would be so great to stay here. It is absolutely wonderful in all aspects. ( Except for price of course :)

    CR – definitely a cool place

    ASM and ASMO – we never did get around to seeing these!

    After all that we watched the MK fireworks from the GF boat dock ( great! ) and got a quick dinner at the McDonald’s outside the AS resorts.

    Day 2 Part 1 - Epcot’s Future World

    We got to Epcot at opening and saw the CM’s “ release the doves. “ After that we rode Spaceship Earth, which I thought was pretty good. Then followed the hilarious HISTA and the fun boat ride Living with Land. We then ventured over to Cranium Command, which was very funny! Next came some good luck. As we came out of Wonders of Life, we saw that Universe of Energy’s next show started in less than 3 minutes! So we hustled over and saw the show. I found it a little corny but very entertaining.

    Day 2 Part 2 - Epcot’s World Showcase

    We encircled World Showcase in a counter-clockwise way, starting in Canada. In Canada, I had a Beavertail ( yummy, yummy, yummy! ) and then moved on to UK where we had fish and chips on a nice little verandah overlooking the lagoon. I liked the chips but not the fish. Then we decided to check out Millennium Village. Sweden’s “ climate chambers “ were, if nothing else, interesting. Moving on came France. We poked around in the shops and enjoyed the scenery. We did a quick walk-through of Morocco but weren’t really that interested. Anyways, we then enjoyed Voices of Liberty while waiting for The American Adventure. They were really good! Great preshow entertainment if you ask me. Now, on to the show! The show itself was also very good and informative Very good combination of live action, animatronics, and the screen. We then caught the character bus in Italy. We saw an assortment of characters including Mickey, Minnie, Jiminy Cricket, Pooh, Chip and Dale, Tigger, Terk, Donald and Daisy Duck, Pluto, and much more! However, this actually prevented us from seeing Italy. ( oh well ) We then toured Germany, and saw a great acrobatic act in China. Then we rode Maelstrom, which I found to be very good, but much to short. We skipped the film to get to our priority seating the Garden Grill. It was for the 3:30 Ice Cream Social. On the way there we picked up a Fastpass for Test Track. The ice cream was pretty good, but the characters ( Pluto, Mickey, Chip and Dale ) were the real highlight! After that, we decide to do the Living Seas. It was fun, but we had little time to enjoy it because we had to get to Test Track . As for Test Track, it was great and is now my favorite ride in WDW! It was interesting, fun, and exciting all in one!

    Day 2 Part 3 – MK E-night

    After Test Track, we had finished Epcot and so decided to head over to MK for E-night. We took the monorail over to the TTC, and then to MK. After getting our E-night wristbands, we went through the castle to Fantasyland. There we rode Cinderella’s Golden Carousel and Small World. As we were coming out of Small World, the fireworks were just starting, so we stayed in Fantasyland to watch them. It was a very nice and uncrowded place to watch. After this it was about 6:40, so we decided to head over to Tomorrowland , were we had planned to start the night anyways. We rode Buzz once, and then again, and then again. It is an addicting ride! E-night had now started. We stopped to get some fries at Casey’s Corner. They were very tasty. We then made our way over to Adventureland, which was very spooky because we were the only ones there. ( except for a lone CM ) We were going to go on Pirates, which was taking the place of Big Thunder, which was closed our entire visit ( bummer ).This really annoyed me as I had called a few days before and Big Thunder was not on the list of closed rides. Anyways, Pirates was very fun! Although I thought there should’ve been more drops. Then we circled to Frontierland and Liberty Square, where we rode the Haunted Mansion. Great ride and the exterior is really spooky at night! We then started for Tomorrowland and Space Mountain but were side tracked at the central hub by Goofy and the chipmunks! I think that E-night is the only time to see characters at MK. Almost no lines at all! Then came Space Mtn. Oh yeah! This is a totally awesome ride that I love. After the ride it was about 9:15. I wanted to stay but my partner was too tired, so we headed back to the hotel where we slept soundly.

    Day 3 Part 1 – MGM

    We got to MGM early and made PS for The 50s Prime Time Café. This was sort of a spontaneous decision. We started out with Star Tours. Since everybody was doing TOT and RNR, there was no wait to speak of for Star Tours. This is a really fun ride, but I thought it was very short. Maybe that’s just me. Even though we blitzed through it, the pre-show area looked very interesting. After Star Tours, we moved on to The Great Movie Ride. And boy was it great! After a small wait, we boarded our tour vehicles and enjoyed the ride. I loved seeing scenes from famous movies come to life. And that creepy alien. I was kind of creeped at first because I didn’t know where the alien was. I also loved the music! After coming out of the ride, we decided to go for the Indy show starting in less than 10 minutes. I thought it was really cool how they showed you how they did the action and danger scenes. Very informative. Then we headed over to Muppetvision 3D, which was hilarious just like HISTA. After that was the Backlot Tour, which was very good, and I also treasured the moment to sit. On Our way down Mickey Avenue, we ran into Pooh and Tigger. ( yeah! ) Then it was time for lunch at Prime Time Café. Unfortunately, we had to wait for about 20 minutes. The food was good, but it was very loud. I don’t think I’d do it again. We squeezed in Sounds Dangerous before the Mulan parade, which was good but nothing earth shattering. Now it was time for our well-deserved break. We headed back to the hotel for resting and swimming. Back to MGM at 6:00 for Fantasmic! This was so great! My party member had second thoughts about waiting for an hour, but even she agreed that it was an hour. ( or more ) I personally think this to be the best nighttime entertainment/live show Disney has to offer. It was truly spectacular. Well, on to Day 4.

    There it is!

    <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

    While Eeyore frets and
    Piglet hesitates and Rabbit calculates and Owl pontificates, Pooh just is.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    What a great 3 days! I'm looking forward to trying a Beavertail in 8 days myself. Can't wait! Thanks for posting.

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    I love to resort hop too. :D I could find great reasons to stay at each place.

    I like you eating tour of Epcot. ;) Bevertails, check. Fish and chips, rest of the family says check. The Ice Cream Social, big check! We thought the characters here were great too. Especially Pluto. :S

    I think Fantasmic is, well, Fantasmic too. :D

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great 3 days to start off your trip. Can't wait to read the rest. Thanks for posting!

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