Poly studios location


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Jan 25, 2004
Are all of the poly studios in one building? Are there any located close to the TTC? And do they all have a balcony? Have a “standard view” booked and am wondering if I need to make a “request“ for the above mentioned. Thanks so much for any info!
Standard are Pago Pago and Tokelau. Moorea has standard and lake view. Pago Pago is really close to the TTC and Tokelau is next to the quiet pool.
All three Poly DVC buildings are pretty close to the TTC, and all 2nd and 3rd floor rooms have balconies (1st floor have patios). Here's a map - the DVC buildings are the three on the far right. Moorea and Pago Pago are labeled, but Tokelau is not - it's the one to the right of the pool.
When I stayed at the Poly, I was in Moorea and it seemed very close to the ferry dock.

You run the risk of getting a mostly parking lot view at Pago Pago. Tokelau is my favorite by a mile, but Moorea is fine too.
Was in Moorea in August and it was super close to the TTC. Far from main building (in my opinion) so it stunk in the rain, but easy for transport.


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