Poly or WL? Which resort for 2 families = 9

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by SnowWhiteIsDreaming, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Feb 26, 2002
    The good news = we're going to Disney in April
    The bad news = I am the Disney planner in the family and we are going with my family (me, DH, DD7, DS5) and my DH's sister's family (DSIL, DBIL, DD7,DD5,DD3)..yuck, they have a family of 5!

    I am a planning fanatic and used this site extensively when planning our last two trips, but I never had to deal with a family of 5 situation.

    My family loves the WL - we've been there twice, and are afraid to try another resort because we love the atmosphere here. We love the boat rides to MK where we spend most of our time.

    What is the Deluxe room like in the WL? Is it really tiny? Money isn't an issue for my DH's sister. I prefer not to spend more than $300 (which is perfect for a courtyard view at the WL). Also, hoping for AP rates and codes to lower the price.

    My DH's sister's family was interested in the AKL since her DD loves animals, but their deluxe rooms for 5 have bunk beds which she is not sure her kids will want. On my last trip we got bunks at WL, but when it was time for bed, the kids were too scared to be in the bunks. Her kids are the same age as mine (7 and 5, plus she has a 3 year old).

    So are the deluxe in WL big enough? Will they be cramped and hate me cause I am the trip planner? Should we try the Poly? I am afraid of the 'age' of this resort. I'm sure that it is wonderful, but when I was there for Ohana's, the lobby didn't give me the same 'feeling' as the WL. But I've read a lot of posts recently from people who love this resort. And the transportation options are the best for popping back and forth to the MK.

    We thought of the Yacht Club for the SAB pool, but I think we need a food court for the quick breakfasts, and snacks and conceirge seems too expensive for my family - although they could swing it. Also, I think we'd spend most of our time at MK. And my DD loves the Electric Water Pagent.

    I thought about renting points for a villa, but that just seems to complex.

    We want to stay in the same resort - but believe me, I intend to spend lots of time separate from them...we don't want to end up hating each other :-)

    Any ideas?
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    May 30, 2000
    We have stayed at both the Poly and WL and love both of them -- it's a tough call. Usually, we go by which hotel is offering the best discount during our visit.

    Poly reg rooms are one of the largest in WDW -- CR has largest. The rooms have king or 2 queens and a daybed. The price increases due to your view.

    The WL deluxe rooms, I think are the jr. suites. The reg WL rooms all sleep 4.

    They are approximately 500 square feet and offer 2 rooms; a living/kitchen (small fridge, micro, coffee maker, iron) room and a large bedroom with 2 beds. The LR couch also opens into a bed. In addition to the couch, the LR has a TV, table, 2 chairs, wet bar and mini refrigerator. There are french doors between the rooms.

    Have you thought of booking a Home-Away-From-Home rather than renting points. We did that w/ an AP discount last year. What about the Grand Villa at OKW -- its huge? Don't forget when they are offering discounts on rooms the also offer them on these resorts.

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