POFQ or Wilderness Lodge?


Earning My Ears
Jun 17, 2019
Hi all! We're going to Disney next year the last week of August with a 5 year-old and we're deciding between Port Orleans Frech Quarter or Wilderness Lodge. I have stayed at POFQ, but not WL. Has someone stayed at both and can let me know a bit about their experience and how they both compare? Thank you in advance for your responses!


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Nov 21, 2011
I've stayed at both and was the poster who suggested WL on your other thread. WL is a deluxe resort and the rooms are all in one building, so everything is very compact. The lobby is gorgeous, the pool has a small slide and there is a splash pad which is designed for younger children 48" tall and under. You will have boat access to MK, CR and Ft. W and bus access to the other parks. When staying at WL, we also like visiting Ft. W to play on the playground, visit the WDW stables, go to the Chip and Dale sing-a-long, HDDR, etc. We also really like the restaurants at WL. Since your child is younger, you may also want to price out studios at Copper Creek (which is inside the WL building) and Boulder Ridge (located in a building right next door to WL but accessible by a short, covered walkway. The studios would give you a queen bed, a pull-out sofa, plus a small kitchenette. All three (WL, CCV and BRV) share the same resort amenities, so you may be able to get one to price out lower than another, but still be at the same resort.

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Dec 6, 2010
I have stayed at both and while I really enjoyed POFQ, WL is just absolutely wonderful IMHO. I love everything about the WL and if it was not for the size of my family needing 2 rooms, I would stay there every time.
  • gharter

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    May 3, 2004
    Have stayed at both.
    It really depends on what you want.
    POFQ is a moderate resort, nice pool and has a food court. God for kids.
    WL is a deluxe. Has a quick service dining option , QS restaurant, but no food court. Much fancier inside, larger rooms. Fun pool. More expensive. At one of our stays, we got a room with bunk beds that the kids thought was fun.


    It's a WDW realty that not every moment is magical
    Mar 18, 2008
    I have stayed at both. I'm SUPER finicky about transportation to & from parks (times & options). I like that WL has boat & bus options. I like that POFQ has a one bus stop option with boat option to DS. WL will likely share buses with other resorts. POFQ will sometimes share with POR, but should be first to pick up & drop off.

    WL has interior door, one building layout. Where POFQ has an exterior door, multiple building layout.

    Both have really spectacular theming & look to the resort. Our stay at POFQ was one day after a stay in New Orleans & visit to the French Quarter. My DD said 'they nailed it', albeit a little cleaner.

    POFQ sells beignets & foods like gumbo or shrimp po'boys. (The beignets are a very distant second to the real deal in NOLA). If the 5yo is very into Princess & the Frog, might be a consideration.

    I have to give a slight edge to WL pool.

    I have to give an edge to WL for lounge/bar areas.

    POFQ has quick access to DS for dining. WL has quick boat access to CR and then any monorail resort from there (important if you're picking these locations anyway for ADR or if you want some character meals they offer).

    Both have sister properties worth mentioning. WL is next door to FW and offers TONS of fun things like Chip'n'Dale campfire, archery, bike rentals, canoeing, pony rides, carriage rides, fishing, & marina rentals. They have a great comfort food buffet. You can access FW by boat, there was a direct bus (double check if this still operates), or a 1 mile wooded walking path. POFQ is next door to POR and offers a great dining option at Boatwright's, carriage rides, a great bar, & beautiful grounds. This can be accessed by checking with a bus driver that they are stopping there next, by boat, via the DS boat, or by beautiful riverside walkway.

    WL has its own character meal now.

    WL has a nightly light parade on the lagoon.

    Our favorite trip to WDW ever was with a stay at WL. I still question if it was WL or just the people & experiences we shared that made it so great. I also know that the last several checks of WL is pricing me out of staying again. Every time I compare to the price of POFQ, I say ' well that would free up $100 (or more) for food everyday of our trip.'


    Jul 2, 2010
    Our favorite trip to WDW ever was with a stay at WL. I still question if it was WL or just the people & experiences we shared that made it so great. I also know that the last several checks of WL is pricing me out of staying again. Every time I compare to the price of POFQ, I say ' well that would free up $100 (or more) for food everyday of our trip.'
    We love staying at POR but this is the exact choice, and the exact math we did the first time we chose to stay there. It's easy to get caught up in comparing resort features when planning a WDW trip without looking at the cost. POR and POFQ are both gorgeous, both have great pools (much prefer the POR pool but you can walk to, and use both from either resort). It's further away than WL so busses will take longer but in all of our stays that has been minimal. That said, if the prices difference wasn't so large, I'd probably choose WL...but it is.


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    Feb 8, 2007
    Both resorts are nice, but honestly the Wilderness Lodge is just awesome. It is bar none our favorite resort on property, or a real close tie with the Poly.

  • buddha112

    Aug 5, 2016
    I have stayed at both, and it is all about what you guys want. My DW and I love FQ. It is a moderate resort and will be less expensive. Love the boat to Disney Springs. Usually the bus waits were not too bad. IMO the food court at FQ is superior to WL if that matters in your decision making. I would definately stay there again.

    That being said, WL is my personal favorite resort that I have stayed in. Multiple ways of transport, location location location. Deluxe resort so it will cost more. It is fabulously decorated. The ONLY con like I said earlier is the food court. Multiple dining options. Rooms were great. Very clean. Will stay there each and every time if the budget allows it.


    Jun 2, 2019
    I stayed at POFQ 10/2006 and WL 11/2014...POFQ has long been a Disboards favorite, but I stayed at POR in 2016 and LOVED it, POFQ was ok. WL has nooks with seating areas all over the lobby,the lighted boat parade at night,boat to MK,nice pool and grounds. I did NOT like the smoking area being by the bus stop, had to walk thru a gauntlet of smoke en route to the bus 😐.CMs much friendlier at WL, but no food court, tough to even fill mugs at WL.It was a nice stay, but we do commando touring at WDW and deluxe is not worth it. POFQ was ok.Small and quiet, I like a little more zest.


    Earning My Ears
    Jun 17, 2019
    Thank you all for your responses! We decided on POFQ since we'll be at the park the entire day and will only use the room to sleep. If Disney had an offer that would bring down WL to a comparable price to POFQ, then we'll definitely do WL. Thank you all again!!
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