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  1. plutosothergirl

    plutosothergirl Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2008
    Managed to get everyone rounded up for breakfast at 8.40 this morning. Breakfast was a bit warmer ..made sure everyone was sorted before I got mine , but still not what I'd call really warm. But would you believe it ? by the time we had pin traded again, seen characters visted the shop ..again it was still nearly 9.45 before we left the hotel.( The queue was really big for breakfast again after 9.00)
    I dont understand we are nearer the action than normal but it is taking us much longer to get there... go figure must be the lure of the hotel.

    Today was WDS day and it felt much much warmer than previous days , traditionally I have always felt WDS to be freezing. My theory being a large expanse of land where the wind just rips through and the sun dont shine. But maybe the new builds have broken up the terrain a bit but it was much warmer ..for the first time I took off my gloves....for a bit


    Crushes coaster queue was building up , We had FP but DH was not feeling well today at all and wanted nothing to do with RnRcoater, ToT or Crush he wanted to be on firm ground and that was it. I dont do scarey, Oribtron makes me scream at the kids "leave the lever , if you put it up and down again your in big trouble" like some looney woman. I can just handle the carpets and Dumbo but only just lol
    The characters were out in force we saw loads , Remy and Rene for the first time at toon studios .. Eldest D was really let down by Toon studios , she has seen my pictures of Anaheim toon studios with me sitting in Plutos bed and had high hopes, she didnt realise it was really just a character meet stage.
    WE then saw Prince Ali another first for us
    We then decided to do the indoors stuff Animagique..wonderful as always , My DH adores the coats the cast members wear here and has always wanted one [​IMG]
    Cinemagique next serious bribing for youngest D , who seriously hates it . She hid under her coat whimpering here and there. Better than last year she screamed all the way until the end of the Titanic bit .
    And then straight in for [​IMG] IT WAS FANTASTIC sooo sweet the guy /girl who did the voice today had the sweetest voice "Louise do the butterflies on your hat still love me ?" arhhhh

    We then had hot choc and pilfered danish outside, seriously !! to us it felt like a spring day after what we had been having. We admired the views
    sadly Lilo didnt have time today for Georgies autograph book
    After which we decided to do the tram tour , we missed this the last time we were hear and thought we'd take another look .
    It really needs something to make it more ... I guess relevant to Disney its all so old now , fun enough but missable

    Next girls wanted to swap pins so we went to Studio one where Ydd swaped her large 101 dalmation with a very nice cast member for a small Mickey, I tried to intervene as it didnt seem a very good swap , but he said that she especially wanted that one, so I just let it go. Anyway I had a chat with her and spotted a nice larger pin on another cast members lanyard and my daughter said she'd swap her new mickey one for that ... but the pin was refused as it was not original !!!!! I was really shocked. check those pins folks!! I tried to find the original chap again but couldnt see him anywhere. anyway saw a group of staff talking one who looked like a supervisor/manager and explained what had happened. She asked who we had swapped with but couldnt remember his name just what he looked like, they were very puzzled as they only had one man in the shop and it wasnt the right one. We agreed that maybe the castmember had just been passing through the store and not working there. To cut along story short the supervisor/manager lady let georgie swap her "dud"pin with another cast members original pin which I did think was very kind of them under the circumstances ..but it just goes to show that there are a lot of fakes floating around.
    next indoors for [/IMG][/IMG]
    [​IMG]The kids love this especially the drawing , we have Mulan's dragon Muscha (?) , Winnie and Mickey now , has anyone ever done anything else??. Mia was lucky enough to ask the cast member for the Mickey he did and got that signed to take home...she was thrilled .

    After this we saw more characters and went on carpets three times . My first time sitting in the back never didnt realise about the scarab beetle bit ...scarey!!usually both girls just want to be in front so we split up into 2 carpets
    Now it had begun to get really cold again
    We bribed kids to go back to hotel at 4.30 with the promise of checking out the Minnie club.
    The Minnie kids club is open 3 to 10 to children of residents and managed during our stay by the lovely Elodie. There are three rooms, one for arts and crafts and drawing with tv/video. one soft play area and one with Disney computer games (2) and one small reception with toilet and drink facilities. All very nice and girls desperate to join in . So we left them for half an hour so we could have a quiet grown up drink at the bar.[​IMG]
    [​IMG]We collected them promptly and had a quick look at the pool. This was open to 10.30 I think children under 10 had to be accompanied but the adult didnt need to get in the water just supervise from the pool side. Swimming aids were provided if necessary.

    We promised the kids that tomorrow we would spend all evening in the hotel . Mummys eating choice tomorrow would be Inventions then the children could go to minnies club for a bit and the we would have a swim.

    But tonight was Daddys choice and he wanted Billy Bobs so off we went once more and again the cold was ccccooollld. Having our upgrade was great but it did mean a trek everytime we wanted to eat out ...but I promise Im not grumbling

    My youngest daughter especially seemed to enjoy it and had many desserts... maybe too many as it turned out.
    My husband did comment that at the DLH bar a shot of Jack Daniels was 11 euros he reckoned on there being about 28 shots in a bottle .. quite a mark up

    Billy Bobs was very nice lots to eat lots of choice after dinner we made our way through Disney Village back to bed .

    Another thing I forgot to mention ....
    On one of our nights at The Pink Palace we saw a lovely older lady castmember walking up and down the corridors near the bar with a little tot about 18mnth possible chinese? She was asking (the castmember ) for mummy, the little girl was just holding her hand nice and quiet looking quite content . I saw her about 10 minutes later in the shop still looking for a mummy and then saw her walking on the walk ways .... The next day I saw the lady again ( thankfully not with the tot this time lol) and asked her where mummy had been . She was so nice and smiley and explained she eventually took her down onto the main reception floor and found Daddy there:scared1:
    The Castmember was very nice and said it happens a lot and it was fine the little girl was fine so she herself was happy just to keep walking and looking.

    Personnaly if my little one had been missed for what must have been at least 20mins you would have heard me screaming from reception all the up the stairs to the second floor. But at least all was well. Poor little mite though wandering up there on her own.
  2. britchic4

    britchic4 <font color=green>There's often a piano player in

    Jan 25, 2008
    Loving your report, although I can almost feel the cold!
    And you've reminded me about Minnie's Club - I'd completely forgotten about this as when we were at the DLH in October we didn't have the children. Was it free/busy/did you have to book it?
    BTW the dragon's name is Mushu.
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  4. tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004
    Another great day. With fab photos:thumbsup2
  5. lilo68

    lilo68 Mouseketeer

    Jun 27, 2008
    Another great day. We only made it in the park for EMH one day, all the other days like you it was after park opening, I think it was those comfy warm beds in the DLH.:rotfl:
  6. angel girl

    angel girl It's a small world after all...

    Jul 9, 2008
    Lol-I am just like you with the rides-have just about managed to come to terms with the teacups, though DDs prefer to go on them with Daddy so they can spin them around faster :rotfl:

    Sounds like you had another great day, looking forward to the rest :)
  7. mommy2ash

    mommy2ash <font color=deeppink>Has a Pooh pushin' Ash<br><fo

    Aug 7, 2008
    another great day. wow i cant believe that about the little girl. i would lose my mind if ash was gone for a second. im the same about rides. i love potc but i almost cry when i know the drop is coming lol how sad is that
  8. thelittlemermaid83

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    Aug 14, 2007
    That poor little girl, thankgod the cast member was there to look after her.
  9. plutosothergirl

    plutosothergirl Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2008
    Mushu thats it ?? sorry should have stopped and looked up but at time of tying was in full flow:rotfl:

    Minnies club was free, we didnt need to book and one the 2 times we visited once there was two little girls and once three girls plus three other children with parents , but people seemed to be coming and going. I guess there must be ratios if you dont stay with your own child . We needed to fill a form in when we left ours and that is kept until your date of departure so drop off can be amended and your signatures for receipt and collection added to it etc , so I assume you could book ahead ???

    I am a really baby on rides dont mind going round and round but not high up. Seriously the first time I went on Orbitron with Mia she was about 4 and I didnt realise how high they went and she kept pushing it up I was sooo scared, I am ashamed to say I think I got a bit hysterical and threatened to smack her bottom when we got off if she touched that lever again...She did laughing manically ...and no I didnt ,I could laugh about it went it stopped :lmao:

    I went on the first space mountain in Ananheim once , years ago my first ever roller coaster ...well I didnt know ... It was horrendous , it was dark and it kept stopping then starting up again. I was at the point where I was thinking if this isnt really over now I am going start crying big time ...thankfully it was BUT NEVER AGAIN :rotfl: :rotfl:
  10. karenmoloney

    karenmoloney DIS Veteran

    Jan 27, 2006
    Another great day. I am the same about some of the rides. I did do BTM about 10 years ago & would like to do it again someday, but I haven't managed to pluck up the courage. Unfortunatley DD1 now loves it, so sometime DH might not be with us to go with her & then I will have to!. I completely draw the line at Indy, R'n'R, SM, Crush, TOT (although DH assures me that it isn't that bad & that I would like it) or anything that goes upside down!
  11. plutosothergirl

    plutosothergirl Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2008
    I was prepared to go BTM thi syear as usually Husband and elderD go on , but this year she wouldnt entertain it ..

    As for the rest of those rides...dont listen to him he's lying :thumbsup2
    My DH keeps on at me doing TOT of RnR "just for the experience":cool1:

    Ah noooo no no I have many, many experiences I would like to experience first ,:coffee: thank you nicely

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