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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Bibbidi, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Bibbidi

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    Jul 28, 2005
    I'm sure this won't be the last time I change resorts. In an effort to be closer to MK and with easy access to Epcot, I have changed resorts to a Wing at the CR. Trouble is I while I'm sure the convenience will be nice, I'm not so sure it will really feel special staying there. I know my kids won't care and my husband only cares about the bottom line, but I want the feeling that I'm someplace special. An upgrade to a tower room is out of the question. What will I love about CR? I know I will like the newly remodeled rooms at least. :thumbsup2
  2. bigcrit

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    Jan 26, 2005
    We stayed at the CR last May (05). We were in the North Wing. I read many reports of how dirty and un-Disney it was. I can tell you we loved it there. We walked to the MK. Took the monorail everywhere (practically). When we got back to our room early we just strolled to the observation deck and watched wishes without the crowds. Other nights we went out to the Marina and watched the ELP on the water while our kids swam. The CR has 3 of the best restaurants in one place, Chef Mickey's, The Concourse Steakhouse (our favorite) and California Grill. How can you go wrong here? Great location, Excellent food and queen sized beds. We love the CR and will definitely go there again. Have fun you made a wise choice. :cool1: :cool1: :thumbsup2 :thumbsup2
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    Jan 7, 2005
    Since I was a kid, my Mom has always called it the Toaster hotel and vowed never to stay there. Well, never say never. For her 72nd birthday in July, I booked a "just girls" trip and got a great rate at ...... you guessed it - the Contemporary in a wing room. Since it wasn't much more than a moderate and she has already stayed at all the moderates and wanted to try something new, we booked it.

    I asked for a renovated room hoping to get upgraded to a tower room. Well, no pixie dust for us. We got a renovated room in the South wing. To make a long story short, my Mom LOVED it. I liked the very contemporary furnishings of the room. My whole house would be decorated like this if I could start over!

    My Mom loved the Monorail access and the fact that we could walk home from the Magic Kingdom. We also watched the Water Parade from the dock several nights. Just before the water parade you have a fairly good view of the Wishes fireworks as well. We ate at the Concourse Steakhouse and also took the monorail over to both the Poly and GF to eat. On her birthday we took the boat over to WL for dinner at Artist Point. All very easy to do!

    I am a huge Disney fan and loved the Contemporary. The rooms are huge and nicely appointed. The only complaint we had was the style of sinks in the bathroom left for little counter space. But I loved the look of the sinks!

    Now my Mom says she would have no problem staying again at the Contemporary as long as we got the wings and not the toaster area. Fancy me trying to explain that request to the CM! :rotfl:

    I suspect that if you have little kids who are expecting something like the theming of POP or All Stars, they would be mighty disappointed. However, for adults or older kids, I think you will be very happy.

  4. Alice28

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    Jun 6, 2002
    We stayed at CR twice in 2003 due to Shades of Green renovating and putting their guests up in CR. We LOVED it.


    * SO close to MK! I cannot tell you convenient it was to walk over there or back with our children.

    *The views- even in the wing rooms (we were in the N wing both times) you can get views of the MK or of Bay Lake. The first time we had a fab view of Bay Lake, and if we craned our heads, we could see the fireworks at nighttime. The second time we had a partial view of the parking lot, but also could see the spires of Space Mountain and the tops of the rocket jets. Again, we could see the fireworks at night.

    *The MONORAIL! What a fun way to get to the other MK resorts! Or the MK (although I think it's faster to walk to the MK, but take the monorail on your way back to the hotel). Also a GREAT way to get to Epcot! Can't beat having the monorail at your doorstep!

    *The size of the rooms. They are some of the largest on property. Plenty of room for us and all the baby paraphernalia we had. Nice queen beds, big bathroom. BIG closet! At the time, it was the old decor, which was cheesy, but it wasn't that bad. The renovated rooms look very pretty.

    *Restaurants- you have some of the most busy restaurants right at your hotel! Chef Mickey's, Cali Grill, Concourse the WL & Ft. Wilderness restaurants are only a boat ride away, and the Poly and GF a monorail ride away. The food n fun center was boring in theme, but had plenty of snacks and quick bites to choose from.

    The only CONS I can think of, was that yes, the theming isn't as 'magical' as say the Poly, the GF or the Boardwalk. It's not really a pretty resort, but it does have lots of landscaping as all the Disney properties do. But I guess I don't put the theming high on my priority list when I have my kids in tow- I want CONVENIENCE, and the CR sure does offer it! On our trip with the kids to POFQ last year, I was really wishing for that bigger room at CR and the monorail/walking access to the MK.

    You will like it!

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