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    Mar 6, 2004
    I got a quote from Dreams Unlimited to stay at POP Century May1-8 with myw tickets hopper option and dining package too for 2 adults and dd who is 6.
    The price is 2108.56. Is this a good price. I am not sure because I am in Canada and even after conversion and airfare added on it seems really good to me.
    I have been pleasantly surprised with the prices I was figuring 6,000.00 for our family. Remember that is in Canadian funds. lol
    So now the questions does dreams unlimited book ps and do they book the princess breakfast? Do they watch for codes to come out and apply them? Can they do an aaa discount too ?
    I read they help you plan your whole iternary which may be a bonus for me because it will be our first trip there .
    My tas name is Deb anyone book with her?
    thanks for all your help inadvance
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    Yes Dreams will help you with all of your priority seatings, including the Princess breakfasts and prepare an itinerary. They also look for discounts and will do their best to get them applied to your reservation if you're eligible.

    If it's a room only, AAA discount can be applied. If it's a package, you'll need to go through AAA.
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    I have used DU a couple of times and have been satisfied. They will look for codes for you, they can book PS's and they are very responsive by email. On our last trip they got an AP rate for me that saved me over $800. I think the price quote sounds good since it includes meals, too. I have not had Deb, but the folks we have had have been good.

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