Please help!!! Land & Sea Island Tour-Grand Cayman

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    Has anyone been on this excursion through DCL? If so can you help me with couple questions...

    1) when you get to Stingray City, do you get to be in the water at all? At any point? (for me)

    2) do you even get the opportunity to touch a stingray or two? (for DH & DSs)

    Reason I'm asking is cuz my DH doesn't swim...and either do my 2 DSs, 4 & 2. But if you get to at least touch them, without having to be in the water, that would be cool! As for me, I'd LOVE to just jump in with them!!!! But that's just me!

    I've posted this on another thread, but I wasn't getting much response, perhaps because there was a name change (in the DCL excursion brochure) in the excursion, and I was using the new name and not the old name of the excursion. (am I making sense?)

    Anyways, I hope this time, I'd get more info. Thanks! :wave2:

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    Based on the description I found on Barb's website the short answer is no.

    This tour takes you to an underwater observatory to see the Stingrays (which I think is a sem-submersible).

    If you want an excrusion that you can go in the water and they can touch them then I would go with one of the snorkeling ones.

    On our excursion in May there were some people who stayed on the boat and the captain of the boat brought one of the stingrays over to show them and let them touch them. Being on this type of excursion will also give your DH the option to go in with you and and kids depending on how that water is that day and at your particular spot.

    You may also want to talk to Captain Marvins as I believe they do smaller groups so would be more likely to give you more personal service.

    Hope this helps.

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