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Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by MaliaMichelle, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    Due to a death in my family, I will not be on for a week or so. Please close this thread and I will re post when I am up to trading again.

    Thank you.
  2. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    Due to a death in my family, I will not be on for a week or so. Please close this thread and I will re post when I am up to trading again.

    Thank you.
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  4. dainyell

    dainyell Mouseketeer

    Dec 29, 2007
    I would offer 50K credits through kiosk for green HKDL poster
  5. captain_casie

    captain_casie DIS Veteran

    Jun 5, 2007
    i can offer 6 ice cube chairs, 1* snowman and bat magic for both or maybe either of these ---> valen 06 tink hm master gracey 3? im not sure what they are worth so if you could let me know that would be great. thanks
  6. SillyBrightPuppy

    SillyBrightPuppy the dog lover :)

    Oct 13, 2007
    I can offer 5K through kiosk for one of your sorcerer hats
    Also I can offer 20K through kiosk for your bird hat
    Thanks for your time :)
    - Silly
  7. Chewy_BubbleGum

    Chewy_BubbleGum R.I.P Chu-Chi.. I Miss You Buddy

    Aug 24, 2007
    I Am Interested In

    gray hm shoes
    girl herbie shirt 1
    sorcerer ears 1

    wdw pop cent 1
    wdw cont hotel

    From Your Wants I Have And Offer:
    Christmas 2007:
    2x Candy Cane Fences
    1x Candy lollipop Tree
    2x Red Mints
    2x Yellow Gumdrop Chairs
    2x Gingerbread Blocks
    1x Stack of presents
    1x Red Candy Lollipop Flower
    1x Christmas Tree

    halloween 2007:
    2x White Mickey Ghost


    tron stuff:
    1x Tron Tank Seat Red

    Not Really Sure But Let Me Know? Or If Not Let Me Know What You Think Is Fair? As In I Don't Know The Value Of Things As Well
  8. Disney Dreams

    Disney Dreams Proudly afflicted with TDMA!

    Mar 10, 2006
    hk adventureland
    hkdl pin
    hk tomm

    for my:
    invisibility magic
  9. RainyDays

    RainyDays Mouseketeer

    Aug 28, 2007
    I will offer you a full girls pirate outfit ( bandana shirt pants and shoes ) for your WDW pop century and one narnia pin ​
  10. The_VMK_Teddybaer

    The_VMK_Teddybaer Just a little pirate trying to take your gold....

    Mar 29, 2007
    Hello I am interested in the following

    Gray Mansion shoes - Must have!!
    Gold Ears or Black Ears
    tl Submarine
    Narnia Pin

    I will offer

    10x Flat Red Mints - Host
    6x Gingerbread Blocks - Host
    6x Candy Cane Fence
    4x Plain Gingerbread Walls
    2x Gingerbread Doors
    5x Gingerbread 1x1 Roof
    5x Gingerbread 3x1 Roof
    4x Gingerbread Roof Steeples
    1x Goofy Ornament Pin
    1x Donald Ornament Pin
    1x Mickey Ornament Pin
    1x Minnie Ornament Pin
    1x Pluto Ornament Pin
    1x Reindeer Mickey Ears
    1x Fab Fall Donald Pin
    1x Fab Fall Goofy Pin
    1x Fab Fall Mickey Pin
    1x Fab Fall Minnie Pin
    1x Fab Fall Pluto Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Harp Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Cards Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Table Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Trumpet Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Leota Pin - Host ( quest )
    2x Halloween Candy Corn Chairs
    2x Halloween Mickey Ghost - white
    2x Halloween Mickey Ghost - orange
    3x Orange Crate ( given as extra prize with mansion game )
    1x 4pc Witch Costume
    1x 4pc Girls Pirate Costume
    1x 4pc Princess Aurora Costume
    1x Pan Hat
    1x Flip Hat

    As many Pirate Hats without bird as you could ask for ( ok limited to 30 )

    BTW didn't know if you would be interested in Royal things let me know I have a little bit of everything in this category too.
    Thank you for considering..
  11. jedishaun

    jedishaun Mouseketeer

    Sep 27, 2007
    I'll offer dream ears and gold snowman for:
    HK Adventureland pin
    HK Tomarrowland pin
    HM Gracey Pin
    Hm Leota Pin
    WDW Pop Century Pin
    WDW Contemporary Pin
    WDW Poly PIn
    DLR Paradise Pier Pin
  12. tofubeast

    tofubeast DIS Veteran

    May 10, 2006
    is your HKDL pin the *white* one with writing on it?

    If so, I offer

    A full FAB 5 pin set
    Recent Leota pin from Quest
    4 clouds (from royal)
    4 thrones (from royal)
    and 5k in credit
  13. AstroGigiblue

    AstroGigiblue DIS Veteran

    Apr 7, 2007
    Hi there-

    I am interested in the following items please, as I see you have multiples, and others had offered as well for only 1/ea. it looks like:

    Hong Kong Adventureland Pin
    Hong Kong Tomorrowland Pin
    Hong Kong Disneyland Pin (only if white pin?)
    Teleport Magic *-1 star (I think yours is one star, if it's not let me know)
    Green Holiday Wreath
    JC Rhino Poster
    Black Vest Brown Cowboy Shirt

    I am offering from your Wants List the following:

    1x Baseball Predictometer
    1x Dreams Shirt
    2x Tron Game Cabinets
    1x 4pc. Witch Costume (Hat, Top, Skirt, Shoes)
    1x 4pc. Princess Aurora Costume (Gold Crown, Top, Skirt, Shoes)
    2x Orange Mickey Ghost
    6x White Mickey Ghost
    2x Candy Corn Chair
    1x Bat Mickey Hat
    1x Pumpkin Mickey Hat
    1x Reindeer Mickey Ears
    1x Snowman Hat
    1x Party Hat Teal
    1x Blank-Unused Mickey Red Surprise Gift
    10x Gumdrop Chair Yellow (Host ride only)
    10x Orange Crates (given only for Mansion game, during Halloween time)

    ** I also have some Royal items that I can add, if you are in need of them. Since I don't know what you need? **

    Thanks for considering, please let me know.

    - Astro :goodvibes
  14. Roller Coaster Gal

    Roller Coaster Gal ♥ Summer Love... ♥

    May 28, 2007
    black vest brown cowboy shirt - 1
    gray hm shoes
    girl herbie shirt 1
    sorcerer ears 1
    valen 06 tink
    4 leaf clover 1
    hk adventure land 1
    hkdl pin 1
    hk tomm 1
    narnia 1
    hm master gracey 1
    green holiday wreath
    hkdl green
    captain quarters couch

    For My (Yes, it's going to be a long list):
    15x Gingerbread Blocks (From the ride-a-thon)
    2x Gingerbread Corners
    2x Gingerbread Doors
    6x Gingerbread Game Blocks
    4x Gingerbread Roof 1x1 Blocks
    1x Gingerbread Roof 2x1 Block
    3x Gingerbread Roof 3x1 Blocks
    1x Gingerbread Roof Chimney Block
    4x Gingerbread Roof Corners
    3x Gingerbread Roof Steeple Blocks
    1x Gingerbread Wall With Doorway
    2x Gingerbread Walls With Lights
    1x Gingerbread Wall With Window
    5x Blue Candy Canes
    3x Candy Cane Fences
    3x Candy Cane Lighted Poles
    6x Red Candy Canes
    6x Yellow Candy Canes
    5x Green Mickey Flower Lollipops
    10x Red Mickey Flower Lollipops
    2x Candy Lollipop Trees
    1x Pink Nemo Chair
    2x Chernabog Carpets
    1x Chocolate Bar Carpet
    10x Black Crates
    10x Orange Crates
    5x Green Flat Mint Blocks
    1x Green Gumdrop Chair
    4x Red Gumdrop Chairs
    10x Yellow Gumdrop Chairs
    1x Halloween Bat Bag
    5x Halloween Candy Corn Chairs
    2x Halloween Candy Dispensers
    1x Halloween Mickey Ghost Orange
    4x Halloween Mickey Ghosts White
    5x Halloween Pumpkin Bags
    3x Hanukkah Presents
    2x Holiday Chairs Blue (Dreidel Chairs)
    2x Holiday Chairs Yellow (Dreidel Chairs)
    2x Holiday Skeleton At The Helms
    5x Ice Cube Chairs
    2x Mickey Christmas Trees
    2x Mickey Ear Pumpkins
    6x Stacks of Presents
    2x Green Standing Mint Blocks
    3x Toontown Fireplaces
    4x Green Toy Soldiers
    1x 1* Snowman Magic
    1x Donald Ornament Pins
    1x Goofy Ornament Pins
    1x Mickey Ornament Pins
    1x Minnie Ornament Pins
    1x Pluto Ornament Pins
    1x Alice Quest Pin
    1x Casey Jr. Pins
    1x Dumbo Quest Pin
    1x Fab 5 Fall Donald Pins
    1x Fab 5 Fall Goofy Pins
    1x Fab 5 Fall Mickey Pins
    1x Fab 5 Fall Minnie Pins
    1x Fab 5 Fall Pluto Pins
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Cards Pin
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Harp Pins
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Leota Pins
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Table Pins
    1x Halloween Seance Circle Trumpet Pins
    4x Matterhorn Pins (Sword in the Stone)
    1x Peter Pan Quest Pin
    1x Full Red Cowboy Outfit (with and without vest)
    1x Full Native American Outfit
    1x Bat Mickey Hat
    1x Full Brown Haunted Mansion Outfit
    1x Full Girls Witch Outfit
    1x Pumpkin Mickey Hat
    1x Black Cowboy Shirt without Vest
    1x Referee Shirt
    1x Full Blue Princess Outfit (w/ silver crown)
    1x Mad Hatter Hat
    1x Red Santa Hat
    1x Minnie Beanie Hat
    1x Minnie Red Sweater
    1x Full Green Space Suit
    1x Teal New Year Hat
    1x Full Blue Aurora Outfit (w/ gold crown)
    1x Full Gold Princess Outfit (w/ Silver Crown)
    1x Reindeer Hat
    1x Snowman Hat
    5,000 credits through kiosk

    Please let me know, thanks! :)

  15. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    Thank you for your offers. I see a few I really like, and have one in the works right now.

    I need to wait until my son gets home and helps me decide. A lot of what I am getting is going to him, and he knows the value of things better than me anyways.

    I will let everyone know later tonight or tomorrow.


    MaliaMike on VMK
  16. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    Are you still interested in trading.

    I am confused by the list though. For all the stuff you want, what all are you offering. I am not good at picking and choosing from a list. Let me know what you are willing to give (all together) for what you want.
  17. MaliaMichelle

    MaliaMichelle MaliaMike on VMK

    Jul 29, 2005
    I have PM'd one person from this thread and am still thinking on the others.

    So sorry it takes me so long to decide.
  18. SorcererDonald16

    SorcererDonald16 DIS Veteran

    Mar 19, 2005
    Hi! I'm interested in the following pins:
    hk adventure land
    hkdl pin (is this the white one?)
    hk tomorrowland
    hm master gracey

    I can offer, assuming the hkdl pin is the white one:
    1x Dream ears
    2x 1* bat magic
    1x 1* Fireworks magic
    1x Chernabog rug
    1x Halloween candy dispenser bag
    1x Candy Corn Mickey Chair
    2x White Mickey Ghosts
    1x Orange Mickey Ghost
    1x Orange crate
    1x Spider web wall divider
    1x Blue driedel chair
    1x pink Christmas wreath
    1x Red Santa hat
    1x Yellow Gumdrop
    1x Candy Lollipop tree
    1x pumpkin hat
    1x bat hat
    1x full witch costume (girls only) or 1x full vampire costume (boys only)
    1x full brown Haunted Mansion
    1x red cowboy outfit (w/ or without vest)
    1x black cowboy shirt without vest
    1x red tron tank chair
    1x Tron MCP poster
    1x Tron pin set (w/o HOST pin)
    1x Halloween 2006 Witch hat
    1x Maleficent hat
    1x Jafar hat
    1x Ornaments pin set 2007

    I have other things as well and I know I'm forgetting some furniture, but this is what I have off the top of my head. Let me know if you're interested at all or if I need to add/change things/etc., thanks! :wizard:
  19. Padrepride

    Padrepride The Ultimate Padre Fan

    Sep 25, 2007
    i'm interested in the DLR Paradise Pier pin. Offer:

    Thrill Seekers Pin
    Goofy Fall Pin
    casey jr. pin
    goofy ornament pin
    pluto ornament pin
    mickey tv
    3x standing mint block green
    2x Flat mint block green
    chocolate bar carpet
    gingerbread door
    animation viewer
    gingerbread wall with doorway
    reindeer mickey ears
    maleficent hat
    bat mickey hat
    2x Royal Castle Flowers
    royal castle column
    royal castle blue chair

    Thanks for consideration!
  20. LastCuteHill

    LastCuteHill LCH :D

    Nov 17, 2007
    interested in master gracie pin and herbie shirt. Like anything in my trading thread??
  21. PintraderPan

    PintraderPan Earning My Ears

    Jan 6, 2008
    I am interested in the dlr paradise pier

    i can offer you
    football predictometer
    1x Cookie Tree, Fireplace, Stack of Present, Skeleton at helm christmas, green soldier,
    candy cane - yellow red blue green
    3x candy lollipops green red giant
    bat magic, curse storm & treasure magic

    mickey tv

    2x Royal Chairs Flowers and Columns

    full girls pirate outfit & alice outfit

    I can also offer you full set of
    fall pins or ornament pins

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