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Feb 16, 2001
Planning a trip in May . Is it difficult to get dinner reservations on a weekday at Emeril's? How far in advance should I call for reservations for 4 adults?

Also, any recommendations on fav foods at Emeril's?


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Sep 6, 2000
Hi there. First of all, welcome to the Universal boards. Hope you enjoy your time here.

As for Emeril's. I went in November which was not a very crowded time. However, I called four weeks in advance for a dinner booking on a Wednesday night. I was told that the entire week for dinner was booked up. However, I managed to get a lunch reservation. So 3 of us (all adults) had lunch instead since the menu is essentially the same. I believe I had the rosemary chicken? It was a half chicken. Simply delicious.

But you definately have to try the gumbo. It was one of the best gumbos I've ever had!!! Amazing!

My friend had the beef medallion??? I think, he said it was quite good. But the desserts. Try the oreo cookie crust cake with chocolate ice cream (not sure of the actual name). Very very nice. And the coconut flan was amazing as well...

I suggest calling even now just to see if you can get the reservations. I guess I left mine too late to get my preferred seating. But if you ask me, when we were leaving the park at 6. Emeril's was not full. there were plenty of tables. So I really don't know if you could just walk in and get seated, althought it looked that way. Good luck!! :)

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