Play n Dine and Jiko last weekend

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by JTsBoys, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Jul 10, 2007
    We did the Play n Dine for lunch for my son's 2nd B-day. After reading some of the reveiws, I wasnt expecting much in quality of the food. I was wrong! We has ressies at 11:45, and were seated by 11:35. They still had one side filled with breakfast items. The frittata was great, and my son loved the traditional Mickey waffles. The lunch items came out around 11:45. The mediterranain chicken was perfect. The salmon was also very well cooked. All of the sides we tried were great! And the desserts reminded me of the desserts at Boma. Overall it was much more than I expected! The service was the best I have ever had at Disney. The characters were so attentive. They each came by the table literally 4-5 times, even sitting at our table for a few minutes each. My son really got into the dancing. We will be dining here again on our next visit, for sure.

    Then there is Jiko. What can I say? Its Jiko! The main plus for this experience was that it was unexpected! We had ressies last sat night at Prime Time, but it was raining so hard that we decided to leave MGM and get the kids in dry clothes. We decided to stop off at AKL to do this, and do some shopping in the gift shop. Once we were there in the parking lot, I called the number for Disney Dining and was told the Boma was completely booked, but Jiko has one ressie open at 8:00. It was only 5, so I declined. Once in AKL(and dry) we walked downstairs just to verify that both places were booked. Jiko took us right in! They said if you dont have ADR's, just get there early and they most likely will have space. YAY! I had the filet, again. So good! Words cannot describe! We also shared the beef bastillas with cucumber yogurt. Yummy! DH had some type of beef, but I cant even tell you what it was other than the fact he devoured it! DS had the PB & J. It was on a rainbow colored bread. So cool! It came with strawberries and celery with PB. All he wanted was the strawberries, so they even brought him out more. For dessert, we had the creme brulee. Once again, it was so good! We will be back!
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    Thanks for the reviews. I think my DS would like the Play n Dine.
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    jiko sounds lovely :)
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    Enjoyed reading your review ~ Thanx for posting.

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