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  1. iupalum

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    Feb 25, 2013
    hello all! so glad i discovered site. went to WDW once when i was a kid (back when it was only magic kingdom and epcot). but i still have vivid memories of certain rides (small world, space mountain) and events (electric light parade). now i'm married with a child and i've been meaning to take my son to experience the same magic. it's taken me a few years, but i finally convinced DH that now is the time. :) we are planning on going in October 2014. DS will just have turned 8 years old. i'm thinking of staying in a value resort and driving down from North Carolina.
    any and all information is gladly welcomed and very much appreciated. i'm full of so many questions...what is the weather like during october? i still want to be able to enjoy the water rides and pools. what about crowds? planning on going Oct 18th and staying for a week. any info on value resorts? prob. going to do the dining plan as well. any suggestions on character dining for an 8 year old boy? i know i've got plenty of time to plan and save $...but I'm so excited that I finally get to plan this trip!!!
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    Mar 12, 2011
    October should still be warm enough to swim and the pools are heated . We just swam in February ! I have stayed at both all star sports and all star movies and really like them both . Since you have a boy, sports may be a better Fit. We stayed in the surfs up section and it was close to everything . Perfect location! We also drove in from Louisiana and we drove our car to the parks everydays- but I hear the bus is fine at sports . We have used both the quick service dining and regular dining . Like them both for different reasons . If you are going to have a character meal - then regular dining is better . My kids - age 11&13 like crystal palace breakfast . They also like ohanas , whispering canyon and mama melrose. We have also done chef mickeys , akershus, and 1900 park fare, but didn't care for the food. Good luck and happy planning - it's half the fun!!
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    Apr 12, 2005
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    Feb 21, 2012
    Our family went in the first week of November '05 and swam in the pools. Temps were great. I don't remember the crowds being that bad at all. In fact I think it was fall break or something for kids in New Jersey when we were there. Our son was 8. We did Chef Mickeys and he loved it. Also did a character breakfast in the Animal Kingdom with Donald but I'm not sure they still have that one. I have stayed at All Star Movies resort and loved it. We are planning on visiting November 2014, meeting my sister and her family and my parents as well. Never too early to plan!
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    Mar 6, 2013
    They do still have Breakfast with Donald at AK, at least they did when we were there in April. I highly recommend a dining plan, if for nothing else but the convenience and peace of mind that you won't have that to deal with (I'm a "cheapest thing on the menu" kind of girl, so it's nice to get whatever I want without worrying) other than that, enjoy it! It goes too soon and you'll be back to planning your next trip on the drive home. :-)

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