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    Hi, I've not been on a DCL yet but I'm a new DVC member so I was already planning a trip "home" for May of 2013. Then I started looking at adding a 3 night cruise to the Bahamas on before.

    Question would be, the cruise leaves on Thursday. If we flew in on Weds and stayed at WDW that night can we get a ME bus to the port from the resort? I am not sure how this all works as I've only noticed their pick ups at the airport. Could we by chance store our luggage at the resorts if we didn't want to bring it all? Also if we stayed after the cruise at WDW do they take you back to the resorts after the cruise?

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    Magical Express is a free service that goes from MCO to the WDW resorts and back again, It will not take you to the cruise terminal.

    If you wish to use Disney transportation to the port, you will need to purchase DCL transfers at a cost of $35 per person each way.

    If you are staying at at a WDW resort before and after a cruise, they will store luggage for you,
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    Yes, $70 per person round trip didn't work for us (a family of 6), so we have a rental car. Since we have car seats we do have to keep our car to return back to WDW. (Some folks rent one way and drop off and then pick up a new car when they return from the cruise.)

    I have a question about the resort storing your extra luggage. We are at BLT prior to our cruise next week, but return to the BCV after the cruise. If we decided to check into "storing" our extra luggage, would we do it at BLT (where we are checking out), or take it to BCV (where we will be after the cruise). Also, would they be able to store a stroller? We won't need it on the cruise and while we can leave it in the minivan, it will be tight with the luggage. I'm working hard this weekend to not overpack, but our trip is 23 days total, and while the laundry soap is packed, there is such a variety of items to pack (w/cruise attire and regular clothes). Every time I do one of these WDW - DCL - WDW trips I always question why I do this to myself as packing is such a pain for these multi-trips.
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    While I can understand the desire to keep the car in this situation, I just want to clarify for others that you don't *need* to keep the car.

    We have done 2 1-way rentals in the past when my DD was in a booster and Budget had no problems keeping our booster at their office while we were on the cruise. There was no fee for this - and we didn't expect it, we had the booster ready to take to the ship with us when they offered to hold it there until we got back since we had a return rental with them.

    Also, on the newer ships I expect car seats/booster seats could easily be stored under the bed with luggage, freeing up closet space.

    One benefit to keeping the car is not having to install infant/toddler seats more than once - if you have a tight schedule, that could certainly be a factor. But personally I'd rather take some extra time at the end to make sure the kids seats are installed safely, and then spend the daily rental + parking fee on the ship or exucrsions rather than on a car sitting in a parking lot! :rotfl:

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