Planning a trip you know you may have to cancel

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by Golden Rose, Feb 28, 2009.

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    DH and I are trying to adopt, and we know that we may have to cancel a trip when/if we get "the call." We're still fairly new to DVC, so I want to be sure I know how it works if we cancel a trip relatively last minute. We have one trip booked, and are considering booking a second since we may have to cancel at least one trip. We actually have planned not to cruise (our other vacation of choice) until we've completed the adoption because we're worried about just this problem.

    Do I under this correctly? If we cancel a trip more than 30 days out, it is just the same as if we'd never booked it. If we cancel a trip within 30 days of travel, the points go into holding, which means use it or lose within some short period of time? And we still can't bank them, even if we cancel the trip before our banking deadline?

    Also, will they use your first to go away points (in this case, our banked points) for the first trip you book, or the first trip you take? We booked a trip for October using banked points. Now we may try to do a trip in May, so will the banked points shift to being used for May, the trip taken first, or will they stay with October (which may end up cancelled?) Am I making myself clear?
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    First and foremost, congratulations to you both! We have very good friends that just adopted from Kazakhstan, and are over the moon. They have already got their application in to adopt from China, so Adam can expect a new little sister in the next couple of years.

    That's correct. If you cancel reservations 31 days or more out, it's like you never had a reservation. You can bank, or reschedule the vacation.

    If points go into holding, it means that that there are some limitations on them. You can still use those points, but they expire at the end of your Use Year (you can't bank them). You also can only use them to book a reservation within 60 days of your check-in date.

    It depends. If the points were there and banked when you made the reservation, then yes. MS will always use banked points first. It never hurts to ask and make sure, though.

    If what you're asking is if the points used for your May trip will automatically be "switched" with the points for your October trip (e.g., May's trip is used with '08 UYs points, while October is currently booked with '09 UYs points), the answer is no. You would need to call, and ask MS to make the switch.

    Lastly, Dinsey has been known to make exceptions (once in a lifetime, so to speak) for life changing events. So, if you find yourself in a bind, definitely call MS, and I'm sure they will be more than happy to work with you. Another option is purchasing insurance. I personally would work through MS, though. It may not hurt to give them a call and just talk with them about it. Maybe they can put notes on your account in case you do get "THE CALL" prior to your travel! pixiedust:

    I just am so excited for you guys, and wish you nothing but the very best!!! :hug:
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    First question, the answer is yes. If you cancel more than 30 days out, your points go back into your account with no restrictions. If you are still in the banking window, and they are bankable points, you can bank them.

    If you do cancel less than 30 days, then the points are in holding and can only be used to book trips 60 days or less in advance, and will expire at the end of the current UY.

    Secondquestion, I believe is also yes. If you book a May trip (and keep the October trip), you can ask MS to use the banked points for the May trip and your other points for October trip. My understanding is that it should not be an issue but you want to make sure you explain to MS what you want to happen and then check to see that it does.

    Good luck on your adoption and pixe dust and prayers going out that it happens soon!pixiedust:

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