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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by WDW~Here I come!!, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. WDW~Here I come!!

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    Jun 17, 2006
    Hello all~ This is my first post and hopefully it is in the correct place! I am planning a trip to WDW with my parents and sister's family for May of 2007. It will be kind of like a family reunion since I live in Va and my sister is in Tx. Is it too early to start planning and does anyone have any great tips. We want to stay at the WL.
    How much should I plan on spending on my trip? I am paying for 2 adults, 3 kids(6,5,16mos).
    Do I even have to pay for the baby since she will still be under 2?

    Should I buy the hopper passes now(one at a time) to save money so that I am not hit with a HUMUNGUS bill? I want this it be a very special time. My hubby and I have never been on a family vacation-- I have been to WDW once about 18 years ago and he has never been. This will also be our kids first time as well. any suggestions on how to make this a magical trip?
  2. disneysnowflake

    disneysnowflake DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2004
    If you go on Disney's website you can get a quote for how much a full priced package will be. Then you can get a basic idea of how much the resort room and tickets will be.

    Then you can price out things separately and see what's cheaper.

    If you have AAA you can get a discount of the room only rate. Then you'd have to purchase separate tickets. Mousesavers site can tell you how much a AAA room only discount will be.

    If you want the Disney dining plan you have to purchase a package in order to get it. I'm assuming it will be the same way for 2007.
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  4. kinntj

    kinntj DIS Veteran

    Dec 20, 2005
    We are also planning a trip for April/May of next year! Ummm...I've been planning for awhile very slowly, so it's not too early IMO. We plan on doing a package deal with dining for convenience. That way most of everything is paid for and we would have to worry about the other small things that pop up.

    I'm not sure of individual prices of park hoppers and such, but you could buy them one at a time to have them paid for unless you're doing a package, then you have awhile to pay for them.

    Have a great time planning this special trip for your family. This will be our 1st family trip also with the 4 of us.
  5. jeankeri

    jeankeri <font color=darkorchid>I threw cartons of milk at

    Jul 6, 2003
    If you are planning on getting your tickets separate from your package, I would subscribe to the Mousesavers newsletter. There are links through it for discounts on tickets from online ticket brokers Undercovertourist and Ticketmania. If you are wanting to get one one at a time Undercovertourist does not charge shipping. Have you decided how many days you will need and what kind of tickets you want? Having hoppers (or not), going to the waterparks (or not) will make difference in the cost of your tickets. Your 2 year old will not need a ticket. Anyone under 3 is free.
  6. aka-mad4themouse

    aka-mad4themouse <font color="blue">Budget Board Co-Host</font>

    Dec 14, 2004
    Buying tickets ahead of time is a good way to save. You'll get better prices thanyou'll get at the gate plus you'll be ahead of any price increases. To save on tickets, try using one of the online ticketbrokers:
    The Official Ticket Center
    Undercover Tourist
    Discount Orlando Vacation
    Maple Leaf Tickets
    Compare their prices, including tax and shipping charges. And if you sign up for the Newsletter (which comes out on the 15th of every month), you'll find links in it for even lower ticket prices at one or more of the above ticketbrokers.
  7. aka-mad4themouse

    aka-mad4themouse <font color="blue">Budget Board Co-Host</font>

    Dec 14, 2004
    A vacation home offsite might be a better choice for the family to rent together. It will give you plenty of space to spread out plus several areas where the family can gather and be together to relax.

    But if you have your heart set on the WL, maybe you would consider staying in the DIsney Vacation Club homes there? The Villas at WIlderness Lodge have studios and 1- & 2-bedroom units. You have all the privileges of a WL guest plus some ammenities that you won't get in a regular hotel room - like full kitchens and a washer/dryer in the 1- or 2-bedroom units or a kitchenette in the studio. There's a description and pictures of WLV here:

    You can rent points from a DVC member for about $10-$11 per point with a week in May running between 123-314 points, depending on the type of unit that you rent. With a std. view room at WL running about $295/night w/taxes, you would spend less to stay in a studio. Or you could share a 2-bedroom with your parents or sister and split the cost. To learn more about renting DVC points, go to the DVC Rent/Trade Board and read the FAQ thread near the top of the page.
  8. aka-mad4themouse

    aka-mad4themouse <font color="blue">Budget Board Co-Host</font>

    Dec 14, 2004
    Okay, more info...

    If you rent points to stay at a DVC resort, you will be able to purchase the Dining Plan for your stay. The cost per night is $11/child and $38/adult and you must purchase it for your entire stay for all parties in your room. The savings can be significant if you want to do several tableservice meals or character dining.

    With little ones, I highly recommend doing a couple of character meals during your stay. There are several princess meals that might appeal to any girls in your group as well as plenty of opportunities to dine with Mickey and his friends. Character meals can really add up in cost ($11/child, $20+/adult - before tax and tip), so having the dining plan (which covers 1 tableservice, 1 counterservice and 1 snack per person per night) can be a moneysaver. You can read some more of the details about the dining plan here:
    or you can download a .pdf file from Disney that describes the plan and tells you which restaurants participate. The Disney .pdf file can be found here:
  9. disneyjunkie

    disneyjunkie I'VE GOT MY EYES ON YOU!!!

    Mar 2, 2001
    It's never too early to start planning. :cheer2:
    I'm planning two 2007 trips. :cloud9:

    I wouldn't purchase park passes just yet. Wait until the 2007 package rates are released. That way you'll know what all your options are before you start making purchases.

    While you're waiting for package information to be released, you may want to start looking into dining options.

    You can check out the restaurants and menus, on Deb's site.

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