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Mar 17, 2020
I'm thinking of doing a family reunion at Disney world. However my family is relatively small, a total of 20 people would be traveling. This includes 3 families, 6 couples, 5 kids aged 9-13, 1 baby and 1 toddler.
I've done some research and read discount prices are for groups that occupy 10 or more rooms. Obviously we don't need 10 rooms, we only need 6.
Are there still group discounts for my relatively small group? Has anyone planned a family reunion to Disney before? Do you have any tips? And most importantly how much might this cost?


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May 4, 2018
And most importantly how much might this cost?
ALL that will depend on what type of hotel you choose - onsite or off site? If onsite, will it be budget, moderate or luxury type resorts? What type of room - standard, studio, suite? Flying? Driving? How many nights are you staying? Park hoppers or not? Dining plan or not?

I'd suggest going on the disney site and pricing out a moderate for the approx. number of nights you plan on staying w/ tickets. That will give you an idea of what you get for a moderate. From there, play with the different types of hotels & rooms, add or delete the dining plan. Same with the hoppers. Go from there. Same thing with flights - this will at least give you an idea of a rough cost in order to determine what your budget can handle.


Oct 27, 2011
Are there still group discounts for my relatively small group?
There are no "group" discounts for 6 rooms, but there are public discounts offered during most seasons.

I agree with above -- go play around in the WDW booking site and get some quotes. There are a lot of variables that will impact cost -- length of stay, resort, number of park days, extras, transportation, etc. Some families all try to stay at the same resort; other families have different budgets and are fine splitting up across different resorts and plan to meet for a meal each day.

Enjoy your vacation!


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