Planning 25th Anniversary trip - HELP !!!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by captain america 2003, Feb 26, 2010.

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    Oct 18, 2003
    OK , next year my beautiful wife and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary and we've been talking about this trip for years so I want to make sure as best I can that it will be magical from start to finish . She deserves at least that much for putting up with me for all these years . So I need your help . What we think we'd like to do is spend about 10 days in the World before heading out to sea on a Disney Cruise and since we've never gone "cruising " before I've , I mean we've got a lot of questions . How do we book a combination land and sea package so that we take full advantage of any specials or promos that are being offered for either the WDW resort and/or the Cruise line ? I mean is it better to book them seperately or is there another way to insure we get the best deal possible for both elements of our trip ? And if we book each seperately are we still entitled to bus transportation from our resort to Port Canaveral ? Also , on board the cruise can we request a table for just the two of us every night or are we required to sit with a larger table full of other couples or families ? Don't get me wrong we're not unsociable or anything we just want to have a few romantic dinners alone .
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated . Thanks .
    Captain America
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    Mar 27, 2001
    There is a ton of information on this board. It has helped me plan wonderful DCL trips.

    BTW....congrats on your upcoming 25th anniversary. Your planned trip is how we celebrated our 25th six years ago.

    Happy Planning.
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    Apr 5, 2005
    It is usually easier to take advantage of any specials that come up if you book the packages separately. DCL discontinued the official "land/sea" package. I think in part because it wasn't as flexible or cost effective as customers wanted.

    As far as transportation, regardless of how you book the land and sea, you would have to pay for ground transportation. So even if you book them separately, you can just add ground transportation to your cruise reservation and have DCL bring you to the port.

    There are no tables for 2. The smallest table is for 4. But you can put in a request for a table without tablemates. If you are doing late dining, this is more likely to be given to you. (Early dining is very crowded and with all the requests for early dining, they have to use just about every available seat.). As the pp stated, you can do Palo for a quiet night. (If you have a verandah, you can do room service and dine on the verandah -- table isn't really big but can be done.) If you really want a table for two, put the request in your reservation. Then when you get on board, head over to the dining reservation and check to see if the request was honored and if not, if they can change it to be just the two of you.

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