Planes, ME, and Disney busses. A transportation review.

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    I tried posting this once, and my computer decided to make it go poof!:headache: So here is my second try. I was at Disney World just 2 weeks ago, with my sis and her 2 daughters. Here is our experience with all sorts of transportaion.

    Planes: We flew Northwest to Orlando, Delta back home. Our flight times were only changed once. Our flight to Orlando ended up leaving a half an hour earlier than originaly planned. Which was ok, for the most part. It was hard getting the 9yr old awake and happy at that early hour, but once we were waiting at the gate she was fine. We arrived in Orlando 5 minutes behind schedule. Our flight leaving Orlando left at lest 20 minutes late, but we were still early into our connecting airport. I think the pilot was flying warp speed, because not only were we early, but we had a pretty loud and noisy touch down. There was such a loud BANG that a gentleman ahead of me asked the pilot what had happened. The pilot just said it wasn't him, it was some guy who had already left the plane that did it.

    Airline grades: B I was very happy that even though we left Orlando late, we got to our connecting airport early. I am also happy when the airlines don't mess around much with our flight times.

    ME: I have used ME at least 6 times in the past, the last time being over the 4th of July. It must be that all of the discounts Disney is offering are working, because the lines waiting for the busses were the longest I have ever seen. All of the stantions were being used, and it was hot! Our wait ended up being 20 minutes, which while not great, is not terrible.

    Returning to MCO our ME bus was at our resort 20 minutes early. We were already at the second resort when our offical pick up time rolled around. Our stop ended up being the first of four, so by the time we headed for the airport we had already been on the bus an hour. Thanks in part to the woman who decided that her daughter couldn't use the toilet on the bus, and got off to use one at a resort. I can't imagine holding up a whole bus load of people that way, but maybe that is just me. Lady if you read this, that was totally uncool!:sad2:

    ME Grade: B. For me, ME still beats paying for a towncar or cab, IF you are not in a hurry. And I love not having to get my checked luggage!

    Disney Busses: Maybe this is just something Disney has been working on for a while, but during my last 2 trips, I have had great bus service. This stay was at POR, and the bus service was quite good. The longest wait was maybe 12 minutes, and that was at 4pm, waiting for a MK bus. We did have one time where the bus filled up at our stop, but there was another bus right behind the first one. And we hardly ever stood on a bus. :thumbsup2 Good job Disney!

    Bus Grade: A. Little to no wait for a bus, and many of the bus drivers had that stupid spiel shut off and talked. Maybe we were just lucky, but I will take that kind of luck.:banana:

    Taxis: I have always been a big supporter of using a taxi to get around from resort to resort. This time, it didn't work for us too well. I called down for a cab, we all walked to the pick up spot, and no cab. We waited for a while, and still no cab. We finally had to have Bell Services call us another one. As it was we were very late to our ADR at the Kona Cafe. So much so that the hostess said they were about to give our table away. Not a good way to start the day.

    Taxi Grade E/B. E for the one that didn't show up, B for the driver that did take us to the Poly. He had a cab full of grumpy grumps to deal with, he got us to the Poly quckly, and he noticed when I almost left my bag behind on the cab floor.:headache: Thanks Mr Taxi Man!

    That is my transortation report. Hope it helps someone!:)
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    Thanks for the nice review. Sounds like the buses may be getting better..although I have yet to have a huge issue with them. And you're right about those DME lines....when Disney has those great deals out there, it makes the DME lines longer!!!

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