Pirates of the Bahamas:8/7-8/10 Disney Dream

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    We are a family of three. DH is 43, I am 41 and our DD is 9.

    We are road trip people. We love to get in our car and drive. Visiting museums and roadside attractions is our passion.
    We also love Disney. Living an hour away from WDW, we go as often as we can. My husband will be the first to tell you that our daughter and I would live there if we could. ;)

    We live in Brevard county, just twenty minutes from Port Canaveral and have spent many times in Jetty Park watching the cruise ships leave.

    Three years ago our daughter mentioned that she would like to go on a Disney Cruise some day. We said "sure, some day..."
    During the last two years she has been asking to go on a Disney Cruise...."while she is still a kid." Way to lay it on there kid. :rolleyes:

    We knew she wasn't getting any younger, and we had nothing major planned for the summer, so we decided that it was time.

    We asked my parents if they were interested in joining us. They have been on several cruises, but not with Disney, and DD was their only grandchild. They were happy to be included. I love my parents and am really happy that my DH loves them and gets along with them too. :)

    I could tell you most anything about planning a vacation (or at least a really good day trip) for Disney. But I knew nothing about cruising. I should have done a little more research but we didn't do too bad for first timers.

    We were booking in mid-June for a first of August trip, so we managed to get an ok last minute Florida resident deal. The three of us opted for in inside stateroom with 'magic' portal and my parents chose a room with a veranda. I am not sure how it worked out, unless it was because I made both reservations, but our rooms were literally right around the corner from each other.

    Next time-getting there..... Spoiler:It wasn't a long trip. ;)
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    Looking forward to reading all about your cruise!

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