Pictures of navigator's verandahs??

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    May 10, 2001

    I am scheduled to sail 6/28 on the Disney Wonder. We are booked in a catagory 7-navigators verrandah. I have read conflicting reports about the size of the opening. SOme say its a hole the size of a port hole, others say two portholes etc. Anyone ever had that kind of room? I just want to be able to feel the air. If so can you give demensions of the opening and any links to pictures?

    The Disney site pictures, don't really show it.

    Also what about the dew detectors? Anyone know of a way to prevent that. I read on here several months ago the suggestion of using a heating pad. Any info on that. Thanks for all your help. Cathi
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    Sep 21, 2000
    The vernadah window(no glass) on Magic is about 4 feet in diameter, round, rail at the bottom. The Verandah window on the Wonder is just slightly oval and a little wider that it is tall, also has no glass, rail at the bottom. You can look at the following web site for some pictures of Navigator's verandah rooms on the Magic, they show the verandah and window well.

    Also, look at the 360 deg views of the staterooms on for the Navigator's Verandah room on the Wonder.

    You also may get more responses if you put your message on the general cruise line discussion page.

    Hope this helps :)

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