PhotoPass at Yacht/Beach Club?

Anthony Vito

DIS Veteran
Jan 16, 2017
Has anyone seen whether they ever have PhotoPass photographers at Yacht/Beach Club? I know Polynesian will have them a lot of evenings around dinner time in the lobby in front of the Maui statue, and I was wondering if they did that elsewhere, obviously particularly at Yacht/Beach. We're staying there in August and were talking about getting a nice family picture (in nicer than usual park clothes) and thought the lighthouse seemed like a good photo spot.
We are there in August, too! Would love this!!!!
We have stayed at the BC a few times and we’ve never seen PhotoPass Photographer there, they have a stand where you can go look at your photos but that is all I’ve ever seen.
We have done family photos at the BC thought with Disney Fine Art Photography. The price has gone up in the recent years but it is still cheaper than getting them done locally and having to pay for each photo we want. With Disney they give you a USB with all of them and a release. We are doing it again this July!
I'm on the Yacht & Beach Club thread all the time, and nobody has ever mentioned a Photopass photographer being there. I have never seen one when I stayed there or visited.

Very rare. I have encountered a Photopass Photographer once, at SAB and that was 9 or 10 years ago. I can't exactly recall anyone else mentioning photographers around the resort except for private photo shoots as mentioned above. You can always see if a kind guest is around the lighthouse to take your picture, but I wouldn't count on doing a number of poses.

Back in June 2017 there was one present because they looked for missing photos for us. Im guessing they are now gone. There used to be at kiosk in the main lobby.


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