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    May 8, 2017
    I am a bit confused with photography. If we do a ceremony in either WP or SBP and reception at Living Seas or Epcot Pavilion.

    Do we have to use DFAP or could we go with an outside vendor?

    Also, does anyone know if we were to use DFAP could we request a photographer? Also, if we chose one of the packages that include theme park session but don't want it - could we get the $1,100 off or is it just a credit towards something else photography related.

    I am trying to determine if to go with $5k or $8k enhancement min. because if I end up reaching $8k I might as well book a Friday or Sunday date.

    Thank you!
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    Aug 2, 2014
    You can use an outside photographer. The only location where you have to use DFAP is the Magic Kingdom (i.e if you were having a train station or Plaza garden ceremony). You can request a specific DFAP photographer, but you are not guaranteed to get the requested photographer.

    I would strongly recommend looking at some of DFAP's work online.. Not just the really good pictures that they put on the blog and Pinterest. We used DFAP for our Epcot engagement session and the pictures were meh... very posed and cheesy. Plus some of them were wayyy overedited and others weren't edited or retouched at all. I would hate my wedding photos if they looked anything like my engagement photos.

    I doubt you could get a credit for the theme park session.. they will probably just tell you to book the package that doesn't include it and add extra hours of photography.
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