Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

Discussion in 'Photography Board' started by ashenbiez, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Hey all you photogs out there!! :)

    We're going down to the World in 2 1/2 weeks (yay!) and I'm trying to put together a photo scavenger hunt for us to do during our stay - mostly to shake things up since we already have tons of the obligatory "landmark" photos and such.

    We're two mid-twenties adults. We're celebrating our 4th anniversary on the trip. We're not planning to split up at all to "compete" or anything, just looking for silly, fun and new photo ideas!

    Some examples of what we have already:
    Hidden Mickeys
    In-Ride photos (outdoor rides, not ones where pictures would ruin another's experience, of course!)
    Dance with a character
    Find a castmember from Chicago (home)
    Silly Hat in each land of MK
    Photo w/ Flag in each country of Epcot
    Be the only ones on a Disney Bus
    etc, etc, etc

    I'd love to get some fresh idea from DISers! :)
    We mostly need ideas for Animal Kingdom, and maybe Downtown Disney!

    Thanks so much :) :)

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