Philharmagic! Tower of Terror! Earl! Dinosaur!....and my WEDDING - Packing!


Baking up a storm and dreaming of Disney!
Apr 21, 2010
Yaaaaaaaay for rehearsal and wedding days!!! these are (for obvious reasons) the two days i'm looking forward to most out of the trip, Katie and I are ready with plenty of exitement and some little surprises to take Tors' mind off missing Jack and wedding nerves :) and Tors- I'm pretty sure i'll be awake crazy early too! on exiting days my body clock seems to think that i shouldn't miss a minute, for example every christmas i wake up circa 5am, and seeing as i already have exited butterflies in my tummy when we're a couple of months out, goodness knows what i'll be like on the actual day! and i'm also well prepared for spying, Katie and i have discussed hiding in the GF lobby ornamental birdcage to spy on Jack's side of the wedding party for Tors!


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May 14, 2008
Hahahaha. Hayley I'm on the train at the moment and this made me laugh out loud. Now people in my carriage think I'm a nutter. Jack included!

Love you girls. Eeeee I'm exctied!!!
  • Ware Bears

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    Jan 23, 2003
    Just catching up with all your plans which all sound very exciting! :goodvibes

    It only seems like yesterday that Jack and you got engaged ~ where has the time gone? :confused3


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    Aug 18, 2009
    Just been catching up with your plans which sound just wonderful :goodvibes

    I get stupidly excited about a regular WDW trip so you must be beside yourself :banana::banana:


    Been There, Done That, Going Back!
    Apr 14, 2008
    Just catching up, youve got loads of great plans.
    They sound great.xx :lovestruc
  • scottish mum

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    Jul 28, 2008
    Can't believe how quick your trip and wedding is coming round. Your trip sounds great and your wedding day sounds amazing :love:. I can't wait to see all the photos


    Mummy to a perfect princess.
    May 14, 2008
    Eeeek – I’m getting married (and going to WDW) next month!!!!

    How did that happen?

    Anyway, I thought it was time I updated with my ADR plans as I’ve not really gone into detail. J

    I’ve been a little cheeky and I have a couple of reservations where I have the same restaurant booked for different days as I currently don’t know which day we’ll be able to make it. So some of these will be cancelled closer to the trip.

    First full day – Jiko Dinner

    This meal is our wedding “thank you” gift to my parents. As the 4 of us are all at AKL together for the first few days I thought it was a great excuse to all eat here, and we really loved the food on our past trip. It’s also been hard for me to think of anything I can buy my parents, so I think taking them for a nice meal and having a nice laid back couple of hours is the best option. This is for the day after we arrive. We’ll have been at MK in the morning and will spend the afternoon in the resort, so it’ll be nice not to have to rush around anywhere.

    3 days in – Whispering Canyon Dinner

    This ADR is for 22 people, as by this date (2 days before wedding) everyone will be in Orlando and I thought it would be nice for everyone to get together. I also like that it will be very informal and fun, and that the food will be tasty and plentiful!

    Day after wedding – Kona Breakfast (late sitting!)

    I’m not sure if we’ll get to the adr, I’ve made it so there’s room for mine and Jack’s parents too. But I think we’ll deiced closer to the time. It’s nice to have it as an option.

    Day after wedding – Narcoosees Dinner

    This is just for the two of us. I’m 99% certain I won’t eat on the wedding day, so I wanted a nice meal waiting for me the day after, and we’ve both always wanted to eat at Narcoosees, so it only being a short stroll from our room gives us a great excuse to celebrate our 1 day anniversary.

    ‘Ohana Breakfast – This is for the final day that my bridesmaids and their family will be in WDW.

    They love Ohana and I would love to have a chance to hang out with them before they leave. Also as it’s the “best friends breakfast” I think it’s quite fitting. There is a shuttle launch possibly happening that day though, so it may be a little bit touch and go. We will probably still go without them though, as I want to eat!!

    Via Napoli – Dinner

    I have this one booked twice for two days close together, as one of them is going to be our Universal day. Booked for 4 people and 6 people as we might have Jack’s best man and his wife, or his sister and her husband, or all 4 with us. So we need to get planning and decide which meal we’re keeping.

    Sci Fi – Early Lunch

    We loved Sci Fi last trip, and Jack is so excited to take his Best Man there. This is booked for their last full day. They are staying at the BC and us at BW so we can all walk together and have an early DHS morning and then grab some lunch.

    Teppan Edo – Dinner

    Another one I’m super excited about!! This looks so much fun and the food is exactly my cup of tea. Another one we have booked for two days in case our plans change once we’re there.

    Tusker House – 8am Breakfast

    I love Daisy, she is my favourite, and I’m yet to properly meet her, so add meeting her to a yummy breakfast and a chance to walk through an empty AK and that makes me super excited for this meal!!

    ’Ohana Dinner

    This is booked for our first night at BLT, afterwards I hope we can chill out on the beach and watch the water pageant and Wishes. 

    California Grill – Dinner

    Our very last night. Jack has been desperate to eat here since we had a tour of it during our wedding planning session in 2009, so we’ve only seen it in the day when it’s been closed. I love sushi and Jack thinks the non-sushi parts of the menu look yummy. So it’ll be a perfect way to end our trip. Also, when we got engaged we celebrated y having dinner in the DLRP California Grill, so I think it’s a nice way to round off our wedding trip.

    Coming soon, lots of shopping and packing news!! I have SO many Disney clothes!
  • VailaTigger

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    Apr 29, 2009
    You're so excited, it's wonderful :thumbsup2

    And I love the thought and reasoning behind your ADRs. I hope your wedding party realise how much effort and thought has gone in to your planning. It sounds like you will all have the most memorable time! :lovestruc


    Baking up a storm and dreaming of Disney!
    Apr 21, 2010
    I hope your wedding party realise how much effort and thought has gone in to your planning.
    We certainly do! and are very grateful, especially for all the help and info Tors and jack have sorted, i wish i could post pics, but you should see the uber lovely trip planning advice booklet they sent to us, such a great bride and groom!!! :hug:

    On the O'hana breakfast front, I really hope that we can make it, but my mum especially (and the rest of us as well) loooves space travel, we've been to kennedy space center on both our past trips and mum is really hoping to see the last shuttle go up, but as the take of is sheduled for about 3am (i think) i'm hoping we can hot-foot it back to the Poly in time for breakfast!

    mmmmmmmm O'hana..... :goodvibes


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    Jul 17, 2006
    I'm joining in! I'm so excited for you. You are actually living my dream right now, as I really intend to be married at disney ;) Can not wait for this :D Not long to go now :thumbsup2 Beautiful couple :lovestruc


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    May 14, 2008
    21 days until we're on the plane!!!

    I can't believe where the time has gone.

    I'm going to start packing tonight and over the next couple of weekends. I want it all done by a week before we go.

    I'm seriously worrying pretty much constantly about getting my dress allowed as hand luggage. Then I worry about immigration and getting my cases after the flight.

    Basically I'm worried up until we get on the magical express.

    It's strange, I'm sort of OK with that the wedding is coming, but then it feels way too soon for me to be going back to WDW, I feel like it was only last October I was there, even though it was Oct 2009.

    I did our Garden Grocer order yesterday, so that was fun, have bought all of our toiletries which is a shop I love doing!!

    I'm going to pack in hotel order, so that for the first week we only need to open one case, and then when we get to the boardwalk where we'll be for 12 days we can unpack all the cases.

    I have so many cute Disney t-shirts, I'll make sure to post photos as I pack!

    Off to grab lunch now, but shall update more upon my return.


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    Mar 8, 2002
    So incredibly excited for you - it's SO close!

    Sounds like the plans are coming along nicely. Loving it!


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