PERFECT little gift for the kids at TDS


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Aug 18, 1999
The Disney Store now has (at least imy area) magnetic travel games for the kids. They are on that fixture with the keychains, pens, antenna toppers, etc. These would be PERFECT for the car ride, airplane or as little gifts to give the kiddies to keep them occupied while waiting in line or for a parade. I can't remember all that they had--there were about 4 different ones. They wre in a round tin that looked like it "could" fit in a fanny pack. (depending on the size of the fanny pack)
Yes - I found them at my DS -
I bought checkers for my DS who will be 9 and for my DD who will be 6 I bought tic-tac-toe.
I think they were only $4 each - you can also get the DC discount when you purchase them.

I did not open the packages, so I am not sure how big the pieces are or what they look like.

Has anyone opened the tins ?
Do the pieces look like Disney Characters ?
Is the playing board Disney theme ?

Are the pieces tiny ?

My kids will not receive thier Disney game tins till we fly down.


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I opened the tic-tac-toe, the only one they had at my store. The pieces were Pooh and Piglet heads, and yes they were pretty small. About 3/4 of an inch I'd say? I would guess the checkers would be much smaller, since you need to fit more on the board.

Thanks for the info.
My DD will love the Pooh & Piglet tic-tac-toe pieces. She loves both characters.
3/4 inch is ok for a 6 year old.

If the checkers are 1/2 inch - still ok for my DS who will be 9.

Is the game board unfolded from the tin - or - is the game baord the tin itself ?

I could imagine the tic-tac-toe toe board be the tin, but not checkers !

Thanks for opening your tin for us.


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