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Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by DRoseBall, Feb 6, 2003.

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    Feb 6, 2003
    I want to make a reservation for the PBH July 17-19 and I have an Entertainment book that my son's school sells each year BUT I CANT FIND MY CARD!!! I know I used it back in the fall to book reservations somewhere and I know it is here somewhere and I'm sure before July I wil find it but........my question is can I make reservations TODAY and try and get the entertainment rate if it is available for those dates and then just have the card for check in? I'm not sure after reading all these posts (well i might have missed a few) exactly how this works! Also, I have read a few posts lately that you have to have 4 nights to use this rate. Is this true as far as anyone knows now? I can only stay 3 nights because we are going to the YC at Disney on the 20th. If so, what other good rates can I find if I can't get the Entertainment ones? I keep reading about the Fan Club but I don't think my husband's company has this as an option. Thanks a lot for all your help!
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    Hi DRoseBall,

    Yes you can call and get the entertainment rate and the fan club rate...book it without the card and just make sure you have it for check-in.
    Here is a link where you will find a poster named tinkerbarb, drop her an email and she will send you a fan club card.

    Fan Club Info

    As far as the 4 night minimum, its hit or miss some dates require it some dont. If you dont get the rates you are looking for...call back again in a couple days and keep checking...things do open up!

    Good Luck:)

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