paying for room without tickets?

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    Im planning on going to dlp for a full week, arriving wed lunch time and leaving the following wed early morning.

    I think its a bit of a waste to pay for 7 nights as you are paying for park tickets on the last day but unfortunatly we wont get time to visit our last day:(

    Can i buy 6 nights/7 days in the park and then just pay hotel only for our last night? Does anyone know what the price would be and how i would go about booking without tickets?
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    yes you can - call Disney and ask them the price for 7 night with 7 days park tickets, alternatively you could book your 6 nights/7 days package that you see online, and phone Disney for room only for the same hotel for your 7th night. It might be fairly expensive for that one night though, because on a package, with park tickets included, its the hotel room thats the biggest cost by far, the park ticket included is a nominal amount.

    Also, you could have a look on various other websites (expedia, trivago etc) for your onsite hotel room only for your last night.
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    We've done this a few times because of late flight times, when I've booked a Disney hotel room only, it's been through Expedia, who've offerered the best deal, you can also tie in the 2 bookings by ringing the hotel about 5 days before, saves you changing rooms and having to check in twice.
    Have also booked the Kyriad hotel direct with them and then moved to a Dis hotel the following morning. Next trip I have 4 nights package booked with DLP and then 3 nights room only at the Kyriad booked through Travel Republic, we're planning 2 days in Paris and this was the most economical way of doing it.. :)

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