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Oct 10, 1999
Here is a question for Canadians that recently returned from Disneyworld.

Are there any problems with going through customs at the airport with a photo ID and birth certificate, rather than providing a passport? We are going in March and would rather not incurr the cost of passports, but don't want any problems with customs either.

It would be great to hear of some experiences.



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Aug 18, 1999
We drove down, entering into the US on Dec 19 and back into Canada Jan 1. We crossed at the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia and had a 5 minute wait going down and a 15 minute wait coming back. We had passports for all 4 of us (the kids are 10 & 12) which we picked up in the aftermath of 9/11.

We had absolutely no problems with Customs either way, and we were worried in that we were transporting a ton of wrapped Christmas presents when we went down. The last thing the US Customs agent said to us as we were pulling away was "You were smart to get the passports."

It may be different at the airport, but take that for what it's worth.

- Mike


Aug 19, 1999
Things have changed considerably since 9/11. I have always travelled with a passport, however I have travelled with people who did not have them. On our last trip to the US in November, my brother-in-law only had his birth certificate and health card with a picture(he has no drivers licence). He had to pull almost everything else in his wallet out to confirm his identity. It was a real pain for those of us waiting for him (and my sister was very angry - he has a passport, but he "forgot" it) , not to mention the people in the line behind him. Do yourself a favour and get the passport. It lasts 5 years and for my money, it is worth it to have that extra security. Besides, right now I WANT people to know I am a Canadian citizen.

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