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    Apr 27, 2007
    We will be 6 adults, 5 children ages 6 and under. Would we ever get an ADR at a TS restaurant together or is that not an option? Even for character breakfast? We will be on the DDP. When it's time to make our ADR's with the plan, do we need to book in advance a TS for each and every day?

    I know we're not going to expect to all eat every meal together, but may want to all share in the experience of some of the special ones. In addition, I worry about committing ourselves so far in advance for each day with such little ones...we might get a little too optimistic thinking we could get them sitting through a lengthy restaurant meal each day!!
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    Generally you can get a table together if you are at either the first or last seating of the meal. However, a lot also depends on the restaurant.

    Generally they can move the tables together when there are no crowds, such as 5:00 for dinner at CM. However, as it gets further along they will fill tables when they empty and will not hold two or three near each other empty to wait to make a large table.

    BTW, I hope you enjoy herding cats; what you are doing is similar.
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    We tried for a party of 11 for the end of May, out of 5 ADR's only one (Liberty Tree tavern lunch) could we get tables together. All others we had two tables reserved.

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