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Mar 16, 2001
Just wondering if anyone has any good leads on discounts for standard ParkHopper tickets. We will be going in May and will need 2 adult and 1 child.

By the way, since I am fairly new to this board, I was hoping someone could explain some of the codes used here. For example, what are DH's, DD's, and DS's. I am assuming the H,S,and D are for Husband, Daughter and Son, but what is the D for? Hope this isn't too dumb a question...
I believe the "D" in DH etc means dear.
As to discount tickets. Try AAA, if you are a member, the Disney Club, or wait till you get there and go to Super Wal*Mart in Kissimmee.
They offer the same discount (approx) as AAA and Disney Club.


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Try I purchased tickets there and saved 40.00 on 2 adult and 2 children park hopper passes. They also offered free shipping for a time and send you tons of maps, brochures and coupons. Good luck

i was going to order from but i wanted to make sure it was a good one. so do you recomend it???????

....and I will say it again.
Whatever you do, do not order from
There. Said it ... again ;)

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Helloooooo everyone!!!!
I just spoke to someone at the Swan Resort today, and I was told that a 5 day park hopper pass was $203 and a few cents. I'm sure I heard her right... I think,(after all I have been up almost 24 hours since I work at night.) Anyone have any input on this? I'd really rather wait for that price unless any of you know of a reason that it's better to buy before-hand.
:rolleyes: :)
D should be for Disney! I'm new too.
Buy the way, What is "bumping"? :eek:
I spoke to the Disney desk at the Swan a few weeks ago and they quoted me 203.52 for the 4-Day Hopper Pass (not 5-Day).....standard Disney rate (no discounts.
Hi Sharkie! Bumping up means moving a thread to the top of the page by posting to the thread.
If you would like a list of the current prices at WDW - do to the Home Page and then click on Ticket Prices from the menu on the left. The prices that they will charge you at the Swan will be exactly what you will pay at WDW.
If you would like a discount, click on the link a the top of this page that says Discount Tickets.
Hope that this helps! :)

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Thanks for the info! I finally understand 'bumping', and I'll get the price right next time!!!!!!! :rolleyes:



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