Over door shoe holder??


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Jul 24, 2005
Ok, I have read a lot of organizational tips for the trip. One was to put an over the door shoe holder for your bathroom and misc stuff.

Where do you buy these?

Hi. They are great to use. I got mine at Dollar Tree. We hung it right by the bathroom in the closet (stayed at a Value resort--Sports). I bought the kind that has a hanger made onto it. They had another kind that hangs by a string, and I suppose you could hang the string on a hanger.
Same here - dollar tree. Would have really come in handy if I had remembered to PACK IT! (It was 1 of only 2 things I forgot!)
I bought ours at DT as well. We stayed at OKW and they had a towel/clothes hook on the back of the bathroom door, so we hung it there. We bought the kind with the hanger already in it and it worked well, except it didn't old heavy things in the outside pockets w/o folding into itself. It worked great for q-tips, hair scrunchies/brushes/combs, travel sized toothpaste/brush/moutwash, etc. When I put heavier objects (like the bottle of aloe) into it, I found it worked better to put those things in the center pockets. Have a great trip!

You can get them at walmart or target also. Make sure you get the clear plastic kind....not the fabric ones. I also use these all over my house inside closet doors for storage of all kinds stuff. They are great.
They are great for studios because of the limited space. I got mine at Wal Mart for $5. I'm leaving Sat. and forgot to pack it...thanks for the reminder!
I bought mine at dollar tree too last year. We hung it in the tub/shower on the towel rack in the back. We put travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap and body soap in it. It worked out great for us!:thumbsup2

Cool idea. I will have to do this on our next vacation. Dollar Tree here I come! :banana:


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