Our wonderful holiday to Pop Day 4 US

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by mickeydumplings, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. mickeydumplings

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    Sep 6, 2005
    Pop Century 8th July - 22nd July 2006

    Debbie (me) 42 Planned everything!
    Curtis 18 Decided to come with us 4 months before going.
    Travis 14 Just tell us the plans when get there.
    Tayler 13 Is not as brave as wants to be.

    Spencer 21 Not coming as backpacking around Europe for the summer (maybe next time)
    Dave 51 other half Looking after the dog and cat and really doesn't mind.

    Day 4 July 12th 2006

    Up nice and early must say the beds here are soooo comfortable. Obviously our routine different here. The showers here seemed a tad better than Disneys. 3 of us went down to Orchid lounge for breakfast (non for Curtis) croissant Trav Cereals Tay Bagel philly me drinks all round $16.83. Had originally booked *********** to come back to Pop at 11.00 so rang to try get back earlier very obliging so coming back 7.45. Went over to Universal on boat just after 9 it is not overly busy, as it is quite hot today decided to take our time after all we have the FOLP. Browsed through the shops near entrance all went on Jimmy Neutron then on to Shrek 4D just the boys did twister. Then on to the Mummy Tayler bottled again. Curtis want to audition for Fearfactor live. But there is still plenty of time. All went on Jaws boys did MIB and Back to the future non of the rides are busy even without the FOLP. Think pays to go early. All had a turn and photo in the coke cooling station. Time to go to fear factor 7 people had turned up one being a lady and there is only 6 places. We stayed while Curtis had his audition he got friendly with a english lad (all others americans) Adam 24 who's mate he had come away with also 24 was going home cause homesick. So arranged with Adam to be with us Sat and he also delayed going to Miami on Sunday to come to TNA wrestling with us and go to Miami on Tues evening. Anyway Curtis and Adam got through. So left them there. The boys and I went for something to eat had Pizza for me and Trav and 3 drinks $12.35. Was time to go back for the show had got reserved seating being family. Soon spotted Curtis dresses in black spandex (lovely) 1st task was to hold on to a bar 40ft up as soon as the floor disappears they have to hold on. Well Adam fell 1st Curtis 2nd that's them out. Oh well they had fun, we enjoyed the rest of the show. Said our goodbyes to Adam see him soon. Headed over to ET I loved this Curtis now realizes he is hungry so went to Mels Diner loved the music blaring out. Curt had Cheeseburger drink $8.62. We had seats outside and we saw our first shower of rain didn't last to long. At one point Sgt Pepper came on with the rain I did feel at home.Was going to go to cinema again but as the rain had died off had a couple of photos with characters Boys where pleased at pic with spongebob is a fav at our house. Back to Mummy Tayler was brave and went on so they rode a couple of times. Time for the Barney show thoroughly enjoyed it. Had a photo of all of us in ET.s closet $15.93 in frame. Back to Mummy again for 3 more rides. I had to have a $1.98 snickers (had not choc 4 ages!!) Just after 7 now picked up one of the spongebob photos $21.25. Walked back to RPR such a nice walk car turned up spot on time same driver. Thought about going out but was raining a bit so 2 younger boys went to the pool, while Curtis rang his best friend 21 today. I read with my hot chocolate. Boys back from pool 11.30ish. MGM tomorrow.

  2. jjk

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    May 24, 2004
    Fun Day :sunny:
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  4. arieljasmine

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    Apr 12, 2004
    What a great day, I love Universal. I think Curtis was very brave going on Fear Factor and nice that he made a new friend. Looking forward to hearing about the wrestling :)

    ArielJasmine princess:
  5. Disney owl

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    Apr 28, 2001
    Another good day
  6. florida sun

    florida sun Mrs Christopher Eccleston wannabe! Moderator

    May 2, 2004
    Cant wait to do Universal this year, great day :thumbsup2
  7. mandymouse

    mandymouse Bahama Mama Time !!

    Mar 8, 2003
    Another great day :thumbsup2
  8. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Another fab day :)

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