Our Wilderness Lodge Adventure - Day 3

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    Jul 6, 2001
    Wednesday, August 14 -
    melomouse, grandmouse(my mom), DS(10) and DD(6 TODAY)

    At least it isn't raining for DD's birthday. MMMMmm - the pines are so fragrant at WL as I step out on the balcony. Grandmouse and DS are gone already - I look over to see that they are entering RF, mugs in hands. Can't believe they got out of the room without waking me.
    DD sleeping like the treasure she is. It was exhausting for her doing Epcot in the rain yesterday. My baby is six today. I can't believe it!
    Grandmouse and Ds return with coffees, chocolate milk, a breakfast burrito,French toast sticks and a couple of muffins. Grandmouse says the burrito is great - she's turned into a Mexican food freak since moving to Texas - and the burrito is gone before I can say" Poblano?" DS proceeds to hit the French Toast sticks, a muffin, then announces he MUST go in the pool. Lifeguards are out - I send him down - I can peek out from the balcony. DS sleeps til 10 AM. It's okay - it's a "pool day" anyway and we are meeting our friends at Chef Mickey's for her Birthday dinner.
    After opening all of Grandmouse's presents - most of which she loves, she finally wonders where DB is and we get ready for pooltime, too,
    Someone has dropped a whole load of Fruit Loops in the elevator. They will stay there all week., getting crushed by feet and doors until they are a pile of multicolored........PIXIEDUST!!????
    I take DD through the lobby on the way to go to the pin kiosk and want to buy her a Happy Birthday pin. I am new to tyhis pin stuff, except that she got a light up one yesterday from a CM at Epcot. The lovely CM at the kiosk gives her 30 100 years of magic stickers - to give to each child in her 1st grade class, then presents her with a Pixie Dust pin and explains that you cannot buy that pin - it can only be given to you by a CM!
    Day at the pool, lunch at RF, mugs in tow always - it is hot! Not too crowded. DD tells everyone it is her birthday and they are both making good pool friends. At 3 PM they do the duck races and throw 25 plastic ducks over the waterfalls. I think this is hysterical. The kids love it!
    Trout pass pool bar has a sign up saying that they will only sell one alcoholic beverage per adult. I question the CM as to what this means - ? Can I only have one raspberry lemonade special drink (at 8.50 a pop, I don't think so...)? Then I realize this is not to keep adults from drinking too much, but to prevent adults from buying any drinks for minors!!! Aha! My mind is just not devious enough! DS tries a non=alcoholic raspberry lemonade. Way too sweet, so he gives it to me - Miss Diet Pepsi Now-Suffering in Disney with all these Coke products - and I do drink it and spend half an hour with a tummyache.
    We return to the room and a CM knocks on the door, carrying in a HUGE! vase of mylar balloons and pink and purple flowers, sets it down, brings in 2 more balloons, chocolates and cards for both of the kids. Wow! At first I though WL had REALLY outdone themselves!!!!! Then saw the card. Grandpa had sent birthday flowers to his special girl! And he must have told them the colors, because everything was pink & purple - DD's favorite colors - down to the Pooh balloons and the ribbons on them.
    There was an autographed picture of Minnie for DD, Goofy for DS, a totem pole chocolate lollypop, and a Magical Moment certificate for DD - not to mention 2 more helium balloons which by now are taking over the rooms and we are afraid they will get caught in the ceiling fan!
    Too much excitement - time to get to dinner at Chef Mickey's. I decide to take the rental car out - it's MAYBE 1/2 a mile to the Contemporary.We are in valet parking and we haven't seen the car since check - in. $6 a day but now we only have to tip the valet at Contemporary, not park.
    I have never been to the Contemporary and it is a feast for the eyes to walk in and explore. But we are already late. We have PS's but our friends are late and they won't seat us til everyone arrives. Mom and I order a drink at the bar right there, I can have a cigarette, and DS and DD have gone to purchase their autograph books because they are not going to be at a character meal without them. Price isn't bad - $5.50 @ - so much joy for them!
    Friends arrive and we are seated right away, despite growing crowds. Glad I got those PS- only got the the day before we left home. Had tried twice before that and there was nothing!
    Everyone loved the food - prime rib, peel-n-eat shrimp, soup, chicken and those great mashed potatoes! Grandmouse thinks this is great food at a great value considering she spent $80 plus Day One on out WCC dinner! Everyone is happy and full. DD does not sit down too long - she is actively seeking autographs, thn getting birthday hugs when they come around to the tables. Plenty of charachter interaction, crowds not bad - much easier. it seemed - to navigate than CP last year! Wish restrooms were not downstairs - so silly and weird! DS loved the make-your-own desserts and cupcake bars, They brought the Birthday cupcake over for DD a bit too soon, I thought, but that was fine - we were all still eating our entrees. With the exception of finally discovering that WDW coffee is really instant and having the CM server try to give us the Disney line about how the guests like it just as much - we were ahppily, magically delightfully thrilled with DD's birthday at Chef Mickeys! I was so excited to see Donald. We love Donald!
    After dinner, friends returned to their DTD hotel and we took Grandmouse riding on the monorail, stopping off at the Polynesian to show her around. DS insisted that next time he wants to stay at GF. I told him he can take me there in my old age! Grandmouse amazed and impressed by sunset, the Poly, the stores, just about everything! This is so nice. We never took vacations growing up, and this is really special for all of us.
    One complaint about valet parking - returned to the Contemporary to retrieve our car. The guy who delivered the car had to be 6'4". I get into a rental I have driven twice and have to play with seat length and height, because he hasn't moved it back for me. It fit him from the parking lot to the front, but now I'm in the rain trying to adjust this seat. I open the window and say to him, "Please, next time think of your shorter guests in rental cars!It's really hard for me to readjust this seat!") ( I'm 5'7"!!) This was only one of two CM's with an attitude problem during our entire stay. He didn't apologize or offer to help. Shrugged his shoulders and said, "YUP!"
    Off to our WL home, where they still want to swim some more, so we do!! It is lovely at night, but we leave by 10 PM and get to bed. DS met some kids youinger than he who were stayiing at WL and going to use the villas pool. These were the same kids who were in the jacuzzis unsupervised. I put my foot down - but it was reakky tough when DS saw the man in the jacuzzi with the infant and actually ASKED him why he had a baby in the hot tub!!
    Different strokes!
    Tomorrow we will be going to MK!!!! My very favorite! DD has had a great day and falls asleep with the autograph book and card.
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    Dec 28, 1999
    in December.....there are so many to chose from that I will never get around to eating at all the good places.....Thanks so much for your report and happy Birthday to you DD>...
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    Aug 19, 1999
    Great trip reports. Sounds like you had so much fun !!! We've stayed at WL twice and just love it there. It really is sooooo beautiful.
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    Oct 20, 2000
    Hi melomouse! A baby in the hot tub...:( I can't believe how many infants I saw stripped down to their diapers being carried around the MK. I guess the parents thought it would be cooler, but it made me flinch thinking about the sunburns.

    My baby just turned 6 on Monday. Time flies!!

    Thanks for the great report! :D
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Very nice SPECIAL day for your DD! Happy birthday to her!

    Thanks for the report!

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