Our two favorite bars on the Fantasy

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  1. Uncleromulus

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    Jan 28, 2001
    After visiting almost all of them, we found we liked Meridan best, closely followed by Bon Voyage.

    Meridan due to the great view, plus in spite of it being a spot for pre-Palo/Remy drinks, you can also come as casual as you want.

    With Bon Voyage being smack dab in the middlle of all the deck 3 activity, you wouldn't think you could even get a seat, much less enjoy yourself. But almost all that's going on in the lobby seems to relate to the kids, shopping etc--so each and every time we visited Bon Voyage, we got a seat right away in spite of the crowds. A great spot for after show drinks.

    And best of all, they had several beers I didn't see in most other bars or lounges--including Newcastle!! And two very friendly bartenders.
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    Feb 17, 2006
    We went to Mixology in Meridian on Sunday. Jerry made it a lot of fun and informative. We enjoyed it so much that we were able to go back there for Martini tasting later in the cruise. We also went for drinks after dinner one night and I had him make me a martini using the cappuccino machine. I guess I would have to say our favorite bar is Meridian...but I think it is the only one we went to.:)

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