Our trip came to a quick end. Disney saved our day and trip tickets!


Aug 22, 2006
My DH, and DS and I all went to disney in january for a vay-cay. While getting up and getting ready to go to MK my DS had a Petite Mal seizure. So we waited a bit and thought that was going to be it. They usually are a single seizure then done for another month when they are petite mals. So we loaded up and got to MK . While in line getting him a GAC card he went into a Grand Mal. At that point I knew the vacation was going down hill. So after he finished and emergency medical techs were done, He went into a rest period. Then i spoke with CM about adding a non expiring feature to our tickets and what the cost would be. The CM took our magic bands and finished with them. All were loaded with free non expiring days. We went and phoned our family doctor and he was able to get us some meds as I could see my DS had a red ear and had ear infection that we had just treated before the trip. We know that with his disabilities this can happen. We stayed in florida and took it easy with lots of rest for my son. After all that happened I realized that Disney really can do Magical things. Maybe this is why many of our vacations are in Disney. We are all hoiping for a trip soon and can hardly wait.
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What a bang to the start of your trip.. hope your son is ok and his ear is better.. glad they could do that for your Magic Bands.. hope your next trip is full of fun and no problems and is here sooner rather than later.. :) :)

1) Glad Guest Services was able to help.
2) At the Concierge Desk, we are all able to add non-expire and/or adjust tickets.
3) We just have to know the circumstances.

NOTE: This WAS NOT your situation, but one would be surprise at the number of folks trying to get something-for-nothing. If we
can see there is a legit issue, we can almost always get around it. AND, it makes us (individually) feel good when we can help.
I know what seizures are like - and I know that no one can truly predict when a person will have one.

Thank you very much for sharing your story. I'm so proud of Disney for their response. It just makes me feel good to know how you were treated. Say a big "hi" to your son for me. He sounds like a super person!!!


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